Your Brilliant Design

Like the Eiffel Tower, you are a masterpiece of design. In function, form & beauty. 

Follow along with this effective Franklin Method exercise to release tension and embody your brilliant design to feel ohhhh la la….


  1. First notice your shoulders. Lift them up and down & move arms around. How do they feel?
  2. Place your right fingertips on the side of your neck (see picture👇🏽). If you push your fingers in, you should feel the hard bony surfaces. You’re feeling the transverse processes of your cervical vertebrae. 
  3. There’s a muscle that attached there and inserts on the top inner boarder of your shoulder blade.  See imagery  
  4. Rub this area and create some warmth in the muscle, image it becoming smooth, buttery and flowing.
  5. Now take your head to the left, while stroking down the side of your neck, like you’re tracing the muscle. This will be lengthening the muscle fibers creating more space between your neck and shoulder.
  6. Bring your head back up and release your fingers, and repeat #5 a few more times making sure to breathe fully.
  7. Each time see if you can visualize the muscle and imagine it becoming fluid and viscous each time it lengthens.
  8. Once you have done this about 6-10 times stop and shake your shoulders and arms.
  9. NOTICE how you feel. Do you feel a difference between the 2 sides? Is the side you practiced more released? Move your arms around and compare the right and left. If you followed along and focused on the exercise you’re probably feeling 2 different sides.
  10. Which one feels special? Beautiful? Maybe it’s even stronger because it’s more efficient!
  11. Let us know how it feels, (hit reply to the email or post us on Instagram @franklinmethod) and then make sure you do the other side!


You might describe it as je ne sais quoi! We recommend doing this exercise once a day for a week or more for lasting results!


Keep the imagery going with this free printable imagery poster download:



Enjoy your beautiful body and see you online or at a live training again soon! 

If you’re intrigued about what it means to be a Franklin Method Teacher and you’re ready to feel fantastic in your body every single day and show others how to as well,  it’s definitely time to get yourself to one of our trainings!

Here is a description list of our upcoming English language trainings:

Great for beginners! This 2-day course “Embodiment of Fascia training for a strong back” by Eric Franklin. Learn how to train your fascia in a well-directed way, finally get tension and back problems under control. Anyone can sign up regardless of your Franklin Method training experience.  You will receive a certificate as a lower back Fascia Trainer in accordance with the Franklin Method® .

London: February 15th & 16th, 2020

Los Angeles: February 22nd & 23rd, 2020

email us to be added to the waitlist 

Shoulder Trainer & Foot/Leg Trainer Intensive Retreat May 2020

A 11 day intensive training focused on your shoulder/foot joints, muscles and fascia. Normally done in two 10 day modules, this intensive training will provide you certification as a Franklin Method Shoulder Trainer, and a Franklin Method Foot & Leg Trainer. Have you already completed your Pelvis & Spine trainer certification? This will “top you off” to give you full level 2 certification. Anyone can sign up regardless of your Franklin Method training experience. 

Costa Rica: May 16th – May 27th, 2020 

Email us to be added to the waitlist 

Level 1 Trainings 

This training covers bone-rhythms of the body and how the bones naturally move inside your body to produce efficient and effortless movement. Plus, we cover fundamentals such as biomechanics, posture and breathing. Anyone can sign up regardless of their Franklin Method training experience. 

USA – Seattle, WA –  Level 1  (Starting February 2020) 


Led by Franklin Method Founder, Eric Franklin

Hosted by: Emerald City Pilates, Organized by: Franklin Method Institute


AUSTRALIA – Melbourne –  Level 1  (Starting March 2020) 

Led by Morten Dithmer, Master Teacher Trainer

Hosted by: I Can Move, Organized by: Morten Dithmer


UK – London –  Level 1  (Starting April 2020)

Led by Franklin Method Founder, Eric Franklin

Hosted by: Franklin Method Institute, Organized by: Franklin Method Institute

USA – Wisconsin –  Level 1 (Starting April 2020)
Tentatively scheduled

Level 2 Trainings 

Deepen your knowledge of the muscular system, learn how to use Dynamic Neuro- Cognitive Imagery™ to facilitate muscles, how to use touch to affect a change in muscle tension, all the ins and outs of strength, stretching and endurance training.  It also includes cutting edge and intensive fascia training. You must have graduated from Level 1 training to attend. 

No Level 2 training currently scheduled – but if you have already graduated from the Pelvis Training AND Spine Training, you can reach level 2 certification by attending the retreat in Costa Rica (as listed above).

Level 3 Trainings 

In year three we cover the inner anatomy, where you will deepen your insight and experience of all the systems of the body: nervous system, cardio vascular, immune system and lymphatic system. You must have graduated from a level 2 training OR have graduated from all 4 topical modular trainings to attend (i.e. Pelvis Trainer, Spine Trainer, Shoulder Trainer & Foot/Leg Trainer).  

UK- London –  Level 3 (Starting Feb 2020

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