Workshops With Eric Franklin
Two days of Workshops with Eric Franklin in New York 02/2015



Day 1 / Saturday February 7, 2015 

Time: 9.30am – 5.45pm

Lift your heart, lift your spirit:

Franklin Method® Imagery and Exercise for a Healthy Heart, Flexible Spine and Relaxed Shoulders

42-re_herz_lunge_wm The heart as an organ is key to our physical and emotional life. Keeping your heart healthy is not just about what we eat and aerobic exercise. Our posture, flexibility, emotional state are key to heart health as well. In this workshop, we will also learn to gain a calm, centered and mindful state with the help of heart movement and imagery.  

The heart is formed by flow. The process is very similar to the development of a river. The heart consists of several layers of a tough muscular wall, the myocardium. A thin layer of tissue, the pericardium, covers the outside, and another layer, the endocardium, lines the inside. These layers are key to the flexibility and movement of the heart. 

The heart cavity is divided down the middle into a right and a left heart, which in turn are subdivided into two chambers. The heart, although a single organ, can be considered as two pumps that propel blood through two different circuits. One of these circuits is more vertical, the other is more horizontal, like a T bar orientation. The significance of this arrangement and many other fascinating facts will be explored at this workshop.  

  • Experience how heart movement can lift your mood and spirit. 
  • Create a sense of space and openness in your upper body 
  • Release tension in your upper spine; relax your neck and shoulders 
  • Improve your circulation and breathing capacity
  • Improve the function of your heart through the movement the diaphragm and ribcage 


Healthy Kidneys for Life – Franklin Method®:

Release your Lower Back, Improve your Posture, Increase your Energy with Imagery and Exercise for your Kidneys

The organs of our body not only carry out our physiological functions; the vital work of maintaining, renewing and reproduction. They also serve an important role in the support of posture and movement. Yet in the western world they are generally not considered, when it comes to training the body. Until now!

Farb-FrauuNieren_wmIn this workshop you will learn how to image your kidneys and their movement in relation to adjacent structures, when you breathe, stand and move. This will release tension in your back, create a natural sense of lift in your spine and greatly improve your posture. 

Your kidneys move up and down inside your body about 2-3cm with every breath, they process 45 liters of blood per hour and the length of their tubes would almost make it around the planet.

You will understand their basic physiological function and what they need to function well.

We will do ball exercise lying supine and especially look at the relationship between the psoas major muscle and the kidneys. 

  • Release tension in your back, release your shoulders and improve you posture
  • Gain flexibility in your spine, create a sense of natural lift through your core
  • Increase your energy and stamina while maintaining a mindful state
  • Support the kidneys natural cleansing process and help balance the fluids of your body. 


Day 2 / Sunday February 8, 2015 SOLD OUT

Time: 1pm – 5pm


The Art and Science of Best Cueing for Movement (Pilates, Yoga, Dance)

This workshop will radically expand your potential for cueing and teaching movement. Three variable elements are involved
in teaching; the client, the specific exercise you are coaching and the educator. To create an optimal outcome the movement
educator must cue the exercises in a way that matches the skill and motivational level of the client with the benefits of the
chosen exercise. This workshop will give you a systematic overview of the available cues in teaching and show that the
types of cues available to the movement educator are more varied than commonly assumed.


Workshops are sold out!

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Location Name: Reflections Studio
Investment: Saturday full day $219, Sunday half day $109 Both days $319
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