The Rhythm of the Organs with Debby Orlando

The organs of our body not only carry our physiological functions:  The vital work of maintaining, renewing, and reproduction.  They also serve an important role in the support of posture and movement.  Yet in the western world, organs are generally not considered when it comes to training the body.

The organs fill out space in our torso and skull and from “joints” with other organs, bones, and muscles.  Compression, suction, and suspension forces relate all these structures to each other.  Knowing where and how, combined with dynamic imagery will provide you with a whole new avenue for improvement and well-being.

The Franklin Method distinguishes itself by focusing on imagery, self-touch, and movement exercises that can be used by anyone in any setting.  All types of imagery are used to promote movement, flexibility, strength, and general health.

This workshop will demonstrate how organ training with imagery  can improve movement, posture, flexibility, and strength; improve the organs physiological functioning; and improve stamina, digestion, circulation, moode immune function, etc.


  • The connection between organs, strength and flexibility
  • How the diaphragm and organs interrelate in 3-D
  • How the organs affect mood and relaxation


Location Name: Park View Pilates and Franklin Method Center, LLC
Investment: $80
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