The psoas and pelvic floor: The Dynamic Duo with Debby Orlando

Activating your inner core by experiencing the psoas and pelvic floor.  The psoas is a true core muscle that hugs the lumbar spine.  Awareness and proper training of the psoas creates good spinal and pelvic alignment and liberates the lower back and hip joint.  Recent research reveals the psoas as two separate units, deep and superficial.  In this workshop, we will use imagery and movement protocols to activate and balance the functions.  In a next step, we include other core muscles in this synergy, the transverse abdominis and deep multifidis.  Furthermore, the psoas, diaphragm and pelvic floor are developmentally and functionally interrelated.  As movement educators, we need to have a good understanding of the psoas role in movement, stability and balance.


  • The functions of the (two) psoas and iliacus muscles
  • Release your lower back, free your neck and relax your shoulders
  • Enjoy full flexibility in your hip joints and spine
  • Improve your ability to balance, feel more grounded and stable
  • Create more ease of movement in walking, running, and sitting
  • Feel grounded and balanced and ready for effortless movement


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