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The Psoas: Activating your Inner Core


The psoas major, hugging your lumbar spine, is a true core muscle.  Awareness and proper training of the psoas complex enhances spinal and pelvic alignment, liberates the hips, and awakens the abdominals.  In this workshop, we will activate, balance and strengthen all three muscles in the psoas complex. 

Experience the Franklin Method!

  • Discover a new vision of a strong core
  • Create more ease of movement in walking, running and sitting
  • Learn ball and imagery exercises to balance and strengthen the psoas complex

Franklin Method tools for improving movement have been used by high-level athletes and performers for over 30 years, and are scientifically proven to work!  These easy to learn tools can be used anywhere, and will awaken the mind/body connection.  Come and experience the power of these tools – including imagery, touch and simple, mindful exercises.  Get ready for more effective workouts, better posture and more energy!

Location Name: LiveBy Pilates
Investment: $55 - $65 plus HST
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