The Fabulous Foot: Feet for Life with Debby Orlando

Our feet carry us throughout our life – yet most of us are unaware of the amazing design that make this possible.  A myriad of bones, joints and muscles interacting in complex fashion allow the foot to propel us forward, adapt to terrain, and serve as a foundation and sensory organ.  This course will elucidate the function of the foot in an experiential manner, allowing us to improve the agility and well-being of our feet in all situations, including walking, running,  jumping, and dancing.

In whatever movement modality you enjoy, as in life, the strength and agility of the feet are key.  Without strong and well-aligned feet, good posture cannot be attained and safe jumping is all but impossible.


  • Gain insight into the functional anatomy of the foot
  • Learn imagery exercises for creating strong, flexible and agile feet.
  • Practice elastic band exercises to strengthen the muscles of the foot and ankle


Location Name: Park View Pilates and Franklin Method Center, LLC
Investment: $80
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