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Relax Your Neck and Free Your Shoulders with Alyce Morgan

Body posture and movement are imagery driven. If the image in your brain doesn’t correspond to the way the body is designed, the result can be a disruption to good function. In this workshop you will experience coordination between your brain and your neck and shoulder resulting in a more relaxed you and with better posture.

The Franklin Method uses-
Dynamic Imagery, a multi sensory and kinesthetic way of using the brain to affect movement and function. Experiential Anatomy, which gives you direct physical awareness of your body’s function and design.Reconditioning Movement, which integrates dynamic imagery with experiential anatomy to produce optimum function.

Location Name: Acadiana Yoga and Wellness
Investment: $35
Taught by: Alyce Morgan
Coordinator:Alyce Morgan
Contact Info: Email: embodyzest@gmail.com
Phone: 337-806-7737
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