Level 2 Teacher Training
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In the second year we experience the dynamic imaging of muscles.

The ensuing integration of the bone and muscle rhythms will fine tune our coordination and create efficient and pleasurable movement for training and everyday life.

Franklin Method Teacher Training Level II

You will learn:Full Back

  • How to understand the muscles grouped by evolutionary origin and functional families.
  • How the muscles relate to the bone rhythms to create increased force absorption and efficiency
  • How to know which muscle imagery is best suited to promote fitness, relaxation, power production and posture.
  • The importance of muscle function homology and muscle proprioception. Imaging the muscle spindles.
  • Muscle slings and chains revealed: How muscles interact as a pattern, not as individual motors for isolated tasks.

Expand your understanding,  gain new insights and increase your depth of knowledge.

After graduating you will also receive new full workshops that you can add to the list of workshops you teach.


Module A: 6-11 March 2018
Module B: 13-17 June 2018
Module C: 26-30 September 2018
Module D: 7-11 November 2018
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Location Name: Danceworks London
Investment: Early Bird before Dec 15th, 2017 = USD 4100, after USD 4500.
Taught by: Eric Franklin & Morten Dithmer
Coordinator:Institute for FranklinMethod
Contact Info: info@franklin-methode.ch
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