Pilates Training for Resilient Perinatal Pelvic Floor Fascia with Alison Marsh

This training is for you if you want to CONFIDENTLY incorporate whole-body pelvic floor education and training into your EXISTING sessions using powerful Franklin Method® imagery techniques.

✧ Whole-body pelvic floor fascia training with imagery focuses on:
– Fascial continuity within the pelvis (the tendon-like layers that envelop the organs) & around the pelvis (including the glutes & abs,)
– How those connections interweave from the feet to the cheeks
– How our thoughts effect overall functioning of the body.

The result is a RESILIENT fascial body suit that optimally adapts during pregnancy and resiliently heals postpartum.

This type of training beautifully compliments the Pilates method’s whole-body conditioning focus.

You don’t have to be teaching pre and postnatal women to benefit from this training. You can apply what you learn to ALL clients!

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Location Name:
Investment: $197
Taught by: Alison Marsh - Founder of Pregnancy Pilates Impact
Coordinator:Alison Marsh
Contact Info: Email: alison@pregnancypilatesimpact.com
Phone: 7023392809
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