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Pelvic Power for Core Integration and Finding the Pelvic Floor with Charlotte Clarke

The pelvis is the centre of the body and can directly affect tension in the hips, lower back and even down to the knees. The pelvic floor is an intricate web of muscles that supports and balances the pelvis. But how do we maintain the health and efficient movement of our pelvis and it’s supporting muscles? For an area of great importance there is so much mystery and misunderstanding. In this workshop we will discover the pelvis, pelvic floor and movement of the hip joint to help to unlock the power of your centre.
What to expect…
– increase your awareness of your own pelvis and pelvic floor and how your day to day life can be affected by it
– understand the biomechanics and efficient use of the hip sockets, pelvis and pelvic floor
– experience how changing your thoughts and imagery can change your movement and posture
– equip yourself with a tool kit of effective imagery techniques and how to apply them throughout your life
– improve your mood and lower you tension levels permanently
We do all of this through movement, touch, ball release exercises and resistance band exercise.
Who is it for?
Anyone who is interested in permanently improving the experience and feeling of their hips, lower back and pelvis.

Location Name: Yogafurie
Investment: £50
Taught by: Charlotte Clarke
Coordinator:Charlotte Clarke
Contact Info: Email: charlotte@thebodyworkshop.net
Phone: 07786599928
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