Workshops With Morten Dithmer
Organ Movement for Health, Strength and Flexibility Workshop with Morten Dithmer in Vancouver, Canada

The organs of the body are generally not considered when it comes to training the body. This workshop will demonstrate how becoming aware of the organs and learning how to move from the organs benefits our movement and myriad. There are ligaments that connect the organs to each other and to muscles and bones. Compressions and suction forces relate the organs to all the surrounding structures.
Muscle and joint pain as well as postural problems often relate to the organs. In this workshop we will learn how to access, tone and balance the organs to improve efficient posture and movement. We will also learn the relationship between breath and the organs. The result will be a general feeling of well being. Our tools will be imagery, gentle movement and self-touch. This is an eye opener of an experience.

* experience the connection between organs, strength and flexibility
* learn how the organs have joints and how they move in respiration
* learn how the organs can support movement

If you have never experienced a workshop with Morten, then this is something you don’t want to miss!! Email us today to reserve your spot.

Location Name: Pilates From The Center
Investment: $150 plus gst
Taught by: Morten Dithmer
Coordinator:Matilde Christensen
Contact Info: pilatesfromthecenter@me.com
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