Level 2 Teacher Training
Level 2 Teacher Training – NYC 2018

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Taught by Eric Franklin Damian McCann & FM teaching faculty


In the second year we experience the dynamic imaging of muscles.

In year two you will deepen your knowledge of the muscular system, learn how to use Dynamic Neuro- Cognitive Imagery™ to facilitate muscles, how to use touch to affect a change in muscle tension, all the ins and outs of strength, stretching and endurance training. Upon completion you will receive a Dynamic Neuro- Cognitive Imagery™ certificate and the right to teach a series of workshops like a Psoas class, a ball and Thera-Band® class and a Foot class.

Franklin Method Intermediate Teacher Training Level II

Full Back

You will learn:

  • How to understand the muscles grouped by evolutionary origin and functional families.
  • How the muscles relate to the bone rhythms to create increased force absorption and efficiency
  • How to know which muscle imagery is best suited to promote fitness, relaxation, power production and posture.
  • The importance of muscle function homology and muscle proprioception. Imaging the muscle spindles.
  • Muscle slings and chains revealed: How muscles interact as a pattern, not as individual motors for isolated tasks.

Expand your understanding,  gain new insights and increase your depth of knowledge.

Training includes:

• 21 days of intensive learning, spread over one year in 5-6 day modules

• Franklin Method Fascia Ball

• Exclusive access to Interactive Training Facebook Group

Online Pre-training with immediate access to the Training Membership Online Tools

◦ This online membership tool site includes free access to:

▪ Psoas Online Course

▪ Dynamic Abs & Sit to be Fit Online Course

▪ Educator only online course: Franklin Method Principles

▪ Handout downloads during the course

◦ Get access to the page and courses immediately after you pay your deposit/registration.

You are entitled to teach the following full length Level 2 workshops after Graduation: 

  1. Feet For Life – Organizing your Dynamic Base
  2. Strong & Healthy Knees through Imagery 
  3. Toned & Flexible Muscles through Imagery 
  4. The Psoas – Activate Your Inner Core
  5. Franklin Method Fascia Training

Get access to the page and online courses immediately after you pay your deposit/registration


Training Cost:

Training Cost:

Deposit: $750

Full Cost: $4500 early bird before March 15th, 2018; $4800 if paid in full afterMarch 15th, 2018

Optional Monthly Payment Plan: $750 Deposit, $500 Automatic Monthly Payment for 8 months

Level 2 NYC Training Dates:

Mod A: May 30th – June 3rd, 2018

Mod B: Sept 5-9 2018

Mod C: Nov 27 – Dec. 2nd 2018

Mod D: Jan 30th – Feb 3rd, 2019


Must have graduated from accredited Franklin Method Level 1 Teacher Training

Cancellation Policy

We are taking great care to ensure that your training will be positive and rewarding. We have covered all costs for each student well in advance of the course. Please take the time to review our cancellation policy:

• The $750 deposit is non-refundable.
• Before Feb 15, full refund minus the deposit.
• Between Feb 15 and April 1, 50% refund after deducting the deposit.
• No refund after April 1.

Location Name: Arts on Site
Investment: $4500 early bird before Feb 15th, 2018; $4800 if paid in full after Feb 15th, 2018
Taught by: Eric Franklin, Damian McCann & FM teaching Faculty
Coordinator:Franklin Method Office
Contact Info: support@franklinmethod.com
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