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Imagery Exercises for a Strong, Flexible and Healthy Spine

The spine is a masterpiece of design containing over one hundred joints and associated muscles and ligaments. How, then, is it possible that so many people suffer from debilitating pain associated with the spine? Complex design requires conscious maintenance. Why do we have a spine in the first place? Why is it shaped the way it is? This workshop will explain spinal evolution, design and function using imagery and simple movement. A new embodied understanding of the spine will allow for all daily movement and exercise to benefit spinal health.

We will learn:

  • Exercises to strengthen the intervertebral discs, joints and muscles.
  • How the ligaments and discs interact to strengthen the spine
  • The rotational and coupled motion dynamics of the spine
  • Understand which cues in any movement modality support optimal spinal function.
Location Name: Riverwest Fitness Studio
Investment: Taught by Debby Orlando
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