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Franklin Method®Pelvic Power for Core Integration with Sarah Pritchard

Do you want to….

Create effortless alignment and balance
Align your legs and spine
Improve stability and strength through the pelvic floor
Increase hip and spinal flexibility through the pelvic floor for yoga, dance and life!
Learn Pelvic Exercises for strength and endurance
Release tension and pain in your pelvis and lower back
Experience Dynamic core training for your pelvis
Restore strength & stability to your pelvic floor
For dancers of any ability learn how to improve fundamental movements in dance to enhance technique, performance, artistry and prevent injury.
Use techniques that are taught to world class athletes and dancers across the world which are now available to you in London!

All our Franklin Method® classes and workshops begin with a mind body warmup and introduces participants to the principles of the Franklin Method® that show how we bring about positive change in our movement, feeling and thinking.

We then move onto the topic of the workshop: the pelvis! We take a deep dive into this area of the body, learn and experience its dynamic alignment as well as the interaction between its different bones and joints using both mind and body. In doing so, participants will learn more about how they themselves are currently moving, as well as what they can do to make their own movement optimal; comfortable, efficient and healthy.

Optimal pelvic posture can really help everyone with the following: flexibility, balance, breathing, less tension in the lower back and an increased ability to stay present. The Franklin Method® teaches you how to stay healthy in daily life and gives you a set of tools you take away which are yours to apply to whatever you wish.

As the workshop has a dance specific focus you will see how the fundamental movement taught by the Franklin Method® is then directly applied to the needs of dancers to help them become both the optimal athlete as well as artist and performer. Franklin Method® teaches dancers how to be efficient and also how to prevent injury – we want you to be the best you can be and have the most joy with your dancing which should be for life!

Come and join us for a fantastic morning of embodied movement right in the heart of Mayfair, London!

Location Name: Danceworks
Investment: £45.00
Taught by: Sarah Pritchard
Coordinator:Sarah Pritchard
Contact Info: sarah@sarahpritchardpilatesmindbody.com
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