Workshops With Morten Dithmer
Franklin Method workshops in Antwerp, Belgium

thursday 11-06-2015 from 17.30h to 20.30h

Why do we have a spine? Why does our spine look the way it does? How do we improve the health of our spine? To answer these questions is the doorway to a life of spinal ease and wellbeing. In this workshop we will take a closer look at what good posture actually means and how to achieve it. Using both anatomical and metaphorical imagery we will move, balance, massage and relax the spine.

Effortless posture, skeletal support and dynamic rebound follow. Experience structural support and make gravity your ideal daily training partner. Spinal health is key.

You will learn:

  • How your spine is designed to function
  • How to take good care of your own spine
  • Self massage on the Franklin Balls for increased ease & release


FRIDAY 12-06-2015 FROM 10.00H TO 13.00Hbreathing2

Many of us agree that breathing is very important not just for survival but our overall wellbeing. Yet most of us don’t really know how it actually works. What is good breathing, what is the design and what can prevent its proper activation? Your breathing influences the health of a variety of aspects like posture, heart, digestion, pelvic floor, emotions, learning ability and energy levels.

In this workshop we will come to understand the design, structure and movements of the diaphragm, ribs, deep abdominal muscles and how they can work together to strengthen and free up both body and mind. Through easy-to-do imagery, touch, voice and movement exercises we will explore the mechanics and physiology of breathing. We will explore the wave pattern of breathing up and down the spine and experience how we can use our breath as our positive energy thermostat.

You will learn:

  • How breathing works and what it means to breathe well
  • How posture and breathing are related
  • How to use breathing to improve your endurance


Location Name: Pilates Works Antwerpen
Investment: € 130,- registration for 1 workshop (21% VAT included) // € 240,- registration for 2 workshops (21% VAT included)
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