Franklin Method Workshops – Art of Movement presents Morten Dithmer

Workshop 1, The Art of Change

Saturday 13 June 2015, 10:00AM – 01:00PM

“The Art of Change”
-Introduction to the Franklin Method
What are the main aspects of the Franklin Method; practical know-how concerning the use of your mind body interphase the most effectively to bring about change; Dynamic Imagery; easy to change muscle but how to change how the brain wires our movement, more of a challenge; its about creating permanent change. Bone Rhythms; how our bones move 3-dimensionally inside the body when we move in space, do you know that you can use this information to ensure we use our bodies well biomechanically. Dynamic Alignment; experience how posture is a movement and whats involved. Lets get moving! 

• New insights on body use & function
• Fun strength and flexibility exercises using elastic bands & balls
• How to feel better in minutes using imagery, movement and self touch


Workshop 2, Happy Feet

Saturday 13 June 2015, 02:00PM – 05:00PM

Happy Feet, Organizing your Dynamic Base
A workshop to “understand” the design of your feet. Discover their dual purpose and the know-how to develop happy feet. Learn how to organize your dynamic base. Through experiential anatomy, imagery and movement exercises we will create the foundation for strong and balanced feet. We will learn how foot placement relates to the pelvis and spine as well as to gait. We take about 8000-10.000 steps a day, but do we know what it means to walk well.
Organizing your dynamic base will bring life to your feet and spring to your walk!

• Self-touch procedures for creating strong, flexible and aesthetic feet.
• Elastic band exercises to strengthen all the muscles of the foot/ankle.
• The relationships between alignment of the feet, pelvis and spine.


Workshop 3, Fascia 101

Sunday 14 June 2015, 10:00AM – 01:00PM

Fascia 101- How to Embody the Inner World Wide Web
What is Fascia? Where does it come from? What does it do? How does our new scientific understanding of fascia inform how we exercise, stretch and strengthen our body? Experience and begin to learn to embody the tensegrity system of fascia that surrounds and connects every structure in the body from head to toe; every muscle, organ and bone.
Learn the ins and outs of what happen when we move, when we stretch and when we put loading unto the body. What is the role of fascia when it comes to proprioception; our inner body sense. What is creep and what is crimp. How does the fascia effect our biomechanical efficiency? Come discover and access your inner world of fascia through imagery, movement and self touch exercises. What ever kind of training and exercise you do, you are working with your fascia. Become informed of how best to make the fascia work for you!

• How fascia develops embryologically
• How to use imagery, movement an touch to effect the fascia
• Fascial release exercises using balls


Workshop 4, The Mighty Psoas

Sunday 14 June 2015, 02:00PM – 05:00PM

The Mighty Psoas – Muscle Complex Extraordinaire
What is the Ilio-Psoas and what is it for? Apart from maybe being the Filet Mignon we pick out on the restaurant menu, it is unknown to most. The Psoas Major is unique in that it is the only muscle that connects our spine to our leg in the front of our pelvis. Due to its size and central location, it is a key element in biomechanical efficiency. Starting with an introduction of how to work with muscles and imagery, we will proceed to touch the psoas, lengthen the psoas and walk from the psoas. We will be doing Franklin ball exercises to activate, balance and release the whole ilio-psoas complex. Pelvic alignment will have a whole new component and feel.

• Learn the different functions of the 3 muscles of the Ilio-Psoas complex.
• Learn how to walk from the Psoas
• Experience the connection between the Psoas and the kidneys.


The workshop will only take place with a minimum of 15 participants.
Any enrollment cancelled after 16 May 2015 is not eligible for a refund.

Location Name: Art of Movement
Investment: €130 - registration for 1 workshop
€250 - registration for 2 workshops
€360 - registration for 3 workshops
€440 - registration for 4 workshops
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