FRANKLIN METHOD WORKSHOP with Morten Dithmer in Tokyo, Japan this coming March

Day 1- Saturday March 21st
10:00-13:00 – Release your Neck & Liberate your Shoulders
This workshop will demonstrate imagery, touch and simple movement exercises to lengthen and balance shoulder and neck musculature. Gain insight into how the shoulder developed from a fourlegged support situation through brachiation into free suspension. Experience how the design of the shoulder girdle suspends it from the ribcage. Learn how to melt away tension and associated mental anxiety. Let your shoulders and neck become a place of ease and peace.
Learn how:
• Your shoulders are designed to move
• To have suspended, free and easy shoulders
• To use Franklin balls and elastic bands to create smooth joint action

14:00-17:30 – Dynamic Abs – Another approach to Abdominal Training
We will take a fresh look at the concept of core training and understand the implications on aspects such as strength, flexibility and balance. Dynamic alignment means that alignment is maintains through balancing forces rather than through holding a fixed position. The whole point of the core idea is efficiency in movement, increasing both strength, balance, energy and longevity. The consequences of fixating or overtraining certain muscle groups, on aspects such as breathing, flexibility and bio-mechanical efficiency will be experienced and analysed.
• The essential core; finding dynamic stability
• The sure sign that the core is “on”
• What are functional abdominal exercises.

Day 2 – Sunday March 22nd
10.00-13.30 – Happy Feet – Organizing your Base
A workshop to “understand” the design of your feet. Discover their dual purpose and the know how to develop happy feet. Learn how to organise your dynamic base. Through experiential anatomy, imagery and movement exercises we will create the foundation for strong and balanced feet. We will learn how foot placement relates to the pelvis and spine as well as to gait. We take about 8000-10.000 steps a day, but do we know what it means to walk well. Organizing your dynamic base will bring life to your feet and spring to your walk!
• Self-touch procedures for creating strong, flexible and aesthetic feet.
• Elastic band exercises to strengthen all the muscles of the foot/ankle.
• The relationships between alignment of the feet, pelvis and spine.

14.30-17.30 – Imagery for a Healthy and Youthful Spine
Why do we have a spine? Why does our spine look the way it does? How do we improve the health of our spine? To answer these questions is the doorway to a life of spinal ease and wellbeing. In this workshop we will take a closer look at what good posture actually means and how to achieve it. Using both anatomical and metaphorical imagery we will move, balance, massage and relax the spine. Effortless posture, skeletal support and dynamic rebound follow. Experience structural support and make gravity your ideal daily training partner. Spinal health is key.
• How your spine is designed to function
• How to take good care of your own spine
• Self massage on the Franklin Balls for increased ease & release

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