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FM Workshop with Pia Schweiger

Organic blend of movement, dance and basic Pilates moves including the inspirational Franklin Method to learn a variety of exercises for improved alignment in the entire body, a better posture to reduce tension in muscles, joints and ligaments resulting in improving your body´s functions, rehabilitate from injury and improve your general well-being.

Discover the power of the mind to create change in your body.

Topics we will cover:

Relax your neck, liberate your shoulders
Pelvic Power- create a strong yet flexible centre to your body
Psoas – Your Inner Core
Imagery for a flexible, dynamic, healthy and aligned spine
Feet- learn how to strengthen/ tone your dynamic base
Workshop link: ahed.psc.ac.uk Pilates for All levels
Workshop date/time: 16.4-2.7 17:45-18:45 weekly
Fee: 73,00
Registration period: 2.2.2018 – 13.4.2018

Location Name: The Hall, AHED
Investment: 73,00
Taught by: Pia Schweiger
Coordinator:Peter Symonds College, AHED, Stoney Lane
Contact Info: Phone: 01962 889547 Monday to Friday 9:15-16:00
Email: ahed@psc.ac.uk
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