Ball Rolling Mini Workshop

Imagine you could live in a more comfortable body.  Start by treating yourself to this workshop.  We will use Franklin Method tools – self massage and other ball techniques, the systematic use of imagery to engage the nervous system, and simple exercises – to help you melt muscular and fascial tension.  Awaken the deeper muscles and rediscover dormant functional movement patterns and a deep sense of ease, leading to better health for all your joints and soft tissue. 


If you want to release tight muscles and joints, improve alignment and function, or if you have chronic pain, this workshop, which will both relax and stimulate the body, is for you.  Remind your body how to move freely.



  • improved flexibility, coordination, balance and strength
  • relief from chronic pain and faster healing from injury
  • release of habitual tension, facilitating the correction of imbalances
  • improved breathing, circulation and energy
  • learn many techniques you can easily do at home
  • fun and enjoyable – open to everyone
Location Name: LiveBy Pilates
Investment: $30 early bird; $40 full price
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