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A new LIVE CE Event With Eric Franklin – 3 days in NYC

“Advances in Embodied Anatomy &

Dynamic Neuro-Cognitive imagery (DNI)™ 2017”

Go beyond your training with new, updated & advanced education from 

Franklin Method Founder: Eric Franklin

December 8th – 10th, 2017, New York City


Franklin Method Founder, Eric Franklin will be leading 3 days of intensive workshops with small group breakout specialty classes.

The Franklin Method does not charge yearly licensee fees for workshops or classes because we want you to invest instead into your education.

Join us in New York City, for the 2nd Annual LIVE CE event that will take your education to a new level.

For the majority of the 3 days, Eric will be leading intensive workshop sessions on several topics each day in all three fundamental areas:


Day 1: Skeletal Joints

Day 2: Muscular System and Fascia

Day 3: Visceral Fascia & Organs

Example Topics:

“Mobility and ease for the muscles and fascias of the neck”
  1. New DNI, touch and movement exercises
  2. Infra and suprahyoid muscles, 
  3. Scalenes, levator scapulae
  4. muscles of the tongue and more 
“How to liberate upper mediastinum (the busiest place in the body) ! “
  1. Behind the upper sternum we find the roof of the heart, the aorta, the trachea, the oesophagus and more
  2. This area becomes easily congested by a lack of movement and bad posture
  3. Discover how to free up this area with DNI and movement and liberate your upper back and breathing in the process
 “Adductors, the where what and how! “
  1. learn how to touch, move and train the different adductors
  2. discover their fascial relationships, learn new stretches
  3. and free up your hips in the process

Within each of these topics, you will be learning advanced information that is not shared during a normal teacher training, you’ll be receiving the updated education, new tools, new exercises and new imagery. This is a great opportunity because no matter what level of education you’ve already received, you will be learning new skills to take back to your students in all areas! This means, that even if you’ve only graduated at a level 1 certification, you will still be able to learn these advanced topics.

No matter your favorite area of interest in the Franklin Method, you’ll take home cutting edge Franklin Method tools and concepts to enrich your own Franklin Method study, your own life as well as the education and lives of your students.

Open to Graduated Franklin Method Educators only  (Level 1-3)

(special permission may be granted for entrance if you are currently in a licensed teacher training program. Please email teresa@franklinmethod.com for more information)


What you will learn:

  • Gain new tools to improve every area of your teaching practice
  • Transforming new exercises to improve your students posture  & movement skills 
  • New insights, with updated & advanced education in all fundamental systems. 
  • Practical breakout classes that will help you develop your Franklin Method Business

3 Day Training Includes:

  • 3 days of intensive workshops with Eric Franklin, Founder of the Franklin Method
  • Short break out classes with included handouts  (example: “Franklin Method weekly Drop in Classes“, “Working With Private Clients”)
  • First hand introduction to new mentorship programs
  • 4 week pre-training online digital course with actionable tasks/homework and quizzes. (will be sent to you 6 weeks before the workshops start)
  • USB with 11X17 sized imagery poster packets that coordinate with each day’s workshop
  • Exclusive Limited Edition T-shirt
  • Saturday Night Franklin Method Party!


Cost pp: $980 Early Bird *register by Sept 27th, $1200 Regular Price AFTER SEPT 27TH. $400 per day ala cart

**$350 deposit to hold your spot. Limited spots available**

Location: New York City, NY (studio TBA)

Location Name:
Investment: $980 Early Bird *register by Sept 27th, $1200 Regular Price AFTER SEPT 27TH. $400 per day ala cart $350 deposit to hold your spot. Limited spots available.
Taught by: Eric Franklin + FM Faculty
Coordinator:Eric Franklin & FM Team
Contact Info: support@franklinmethod.com
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