Why you shouldn’t grip your core: Part 2

This video is part 2, from a two part series, about why it’s not a good idea to “grip” your core. You can see part 1 here.

In this video we are going to talk about the lower abdomen and the pelvic floor, and how they make room for your organs, while increasing muscle tone. This is the natural healthy function in breathing.

Let’s talk about the problems caused if we grip our core:

During this video, we touched on the natural movement of breathing, our abdominal muscles and our pelvic floor. We also talked about the problems caused by ineffective and unnatural gripping and movement.

Cueing for movement, is something that you can learn as a Franklin Method Educator. You can teach workshops yourself, or use the method in conjunction with your own Pilates or Yoga training. Learn more about becoming a Franklin Method educator here! (we still have a few spots available at our New York Level 1 Training in June)

Bonus: here are a couple of videos that Eric made in Paris, that we’ve posted on our Facebook page since the last newsletter:





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    Nice work Eric. I love the pelvic floor breath exercises and explanations. Thanks for including me. Best wishes in your travels and see you in NYC again soon. Mimi

  • werner martin

    love the breathing video ..especially about lengthening of the pelvic floor
    I am also a ballet dancer
    do you have any dvd’s related to dance movement principles
    vielen dank

  • Thorsten Bauer

    Hi Eric. Nice work, but i would love it to get the videos in german language. My english is not so involved to understand everything what your are talking about.


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