Welcome to Your Educator Transformation

We have created for you a journey of transformation that starts one step at a time. Each Tuesday a new tool of transformation will be available to you in your membership portal and this tool will move you forward on your journey to change.



This membership program automatically starts on franklinmethod.com and you can see when it activates by checking your account, it will show you the membership plan under “my memberships” . After the membership program is activated you can access your weekly content in your membership portal  It can take up to 24 hours to activate your membership.

Please bookmark the membership portal page, and come back to it every Tuesday for a new tool. Through this portal, you can go back to previous weeks and re-watch or download these past tools.

Do you already have a membership account with us at members.franklinmethod.com for our online courses? These accounts and pages will soon be merged, and within the next few weeks your online courses will become accessible through the account you just created at franklinmethod.com.

If you chose the same username/password then they will automatically merge within the next few weeks after we send you a notification. You will then be able to login into your courses AND your membership plan at the same time.

If they do not match, you may need to reset your password to finish this process. When that time comes, we will send you an email to let you know. We are sorry for any confusion at as we work to streamline the process for you!


This is not an online course – the tools are practical scientific and research based tools that you can implement immediately for change. Although they can supplement an online course, they are different.Change comes in increments and each week you will receive at least one tool to implement that week. One tool a week. One new step each week. That is all it takes. You’ll also receive an actionable item each week. This is a way to solidify what you learn and experience it at a deeper level. As educators, you will also have access to an “Educator Extra” tool each week, an educator only forum and a more public membership forum where you can interact with those interested in the Franklin Method and connect with those looking for a live experience or those wanting to know more about the Franklin Method.


Here are some of the tools that you may encounter during this weekly program

  • Digital audio downloads
    • Some weeks you may get a digital mp3 download that you can listen to and take with you on your portable player of music and audio. Such as an iphone, ipad, other non apple device and/or computer.
  • Exclusive vlog style videos
    • Eric is excited to communicate from you with short vlog style video lessons, he shoots himself on his iPhone. Eric travels a lot and he is going to bring you with him. These casual lessons are recorded from conference halls, hotels (he may have a whole banding series he records from a hotel balcony!), airports and even monuments from around the world.
  • Online video lessons, articles, and imagery posters
    • Some of the other tools you may get at any one point may be online video lessons, articles and/or imagery poster downloads.
  • Monthly LIVE streaming online workshops with Eric and other Franklin Method educators

We are excited you have joined our educator online community.  Please visit the membership portal for your first week’s tool, introduce yourself to other educators on our educator forum, and connect with Franklin Method fans on our community forum

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at support@franklinmethod.com

An introduction to Franklin Method Philosophy


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