Using a Fascia Massager To Tone the Muscles in Your Feet

This week we are going to talk about using the Fascia massager to to tone our feet. 

Your feet work hard, and often times we may ignore them as we train our body. However, your feet takes you around your world and deserves to be treated as important as they are.

As you watch the video you will see how to use the facia massaging ball, as a great piece of equipment to improve sensory awareness of the feet. This will help to get the joints mobilized, to tone the muscles and to positively influence your fascia.


“The superficial fascia can slide really well on the fascia below it. To feel this, hold your lower arm and rotate your hand while pushing on the skin. You will feel the superficial fascia slide quite a bit on your lower arm. 

This will not happen at the soles of your feet. Here, the superficial fascia and skin are firmly tethered to the layers below.

If this were not the case, you would slip and fall like you stepped on a banana peel due to the sliding skin at the bottom of your feet. Obviously that would make walking treacherous; it would be like walking on ice in the heat of the summer.”

Eric Franklin (Excerpt from: Fascia Release and Balance, Franklin Method Ball and Imagery Exercises)

The Franklin Fascia Massager can be purchased here:

I also want to to take a moment to talk about some upcoming workshops I have been invited to lead around the world. We are very excited about all of these upcoming events.


Inspired shoulders: how to release tension, balance the muscles and embody the fascia of your shoulders and neck.

This only workshop I will be leading in the UK, in 2015, is at the historic ‘Her Majesty’s Theatre” in London. It will be held on April 2nd.

Find out more details here. 

  • Pelvic Power
  • Liberated Back
  • Natural Breathing 
  • The Psoas: Beyond the Abdominals

Find out more details here

You’ve also probably already seen that coming up soon we have an exciting two days of workshops in New Orleans coming up soon in March. We are excited for this Franklin Method getaway, to not only teach about some great topics but also get out of the winter weather for a few days – Join us!

Find out more details here

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  • Liza Wedgwood

    As I cannot join your training courses, I very much enjoy your newsletter videos. Thank you.

    How can I buy the foot roller as in the video?

    Many thanks

  • Janice

    Love your videos! I have very tight, inflexible, ankles. Any recommendations?


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