The Future of Movement

Franklin Method®: The Future of Movement

Guest Author, Morten Dithmer

Why the future of movement?

The future of movement is not in a specific style or regimen of movement. We propose that all movement can potentially be good movement, if seen through the lens of healthy function. For the future of movement we propose 3 fundamental paradigm changes concerning health, exercise and expertise:

  1. Learning about the body/mind  from a perspective of ideal health. Know what it means to use the body/mind continuum from an informed perspective. When you walk, stand, breathe and think, do you know what it means to do it well? Secondly do you know something you can do to improve on the things you do most of the time. This knowledge is our core training and the basis for everything else we do.
  2. Seeing exercise as embodiment of function. This is different from doing exercises as part of any training or physical therapy. This is learning about body/mind usage from the inside out. Our species is severely challenged in movement due to our drastically altered environment and the diverse approaches and opinions on training in the world of movement. Yet basic function is the basis of everything we do. This is also pertinent to physical therapy and rehab, which should be informed by how the body is designed to move and how the brain can partake the most efficiently in the healing process.Yet when people go to see a doctor, while most complaints are of a musculoskeletal nature, better movement is usually not part of the therapeutic intervention. As any therapist will know; if you can get the client’s mind engaged in a supportive manner that is often the deciding factor.
  3. Shifting focus from the expert to the individual. Instead of having the expert, the expert touch, the expert exercise, the expert explanation; focus on teaching people how to help themselves. Have them become their own experts, take charge of their own house, make them conscious of the factors that influence their experience and what tools and options they have to take charge. It’s called conscious living and involves learning about what the mind is and how to direct its traffic towards more wellbeing, greater possibilities and capacity. When activated and integrated the mind can deliver us fullness and richness of life. if commercial interests and advertising science can affect our cognitive patterns and direct us to buy their products, surely we can and should learn how to direct our mind to serve our own best interest.

The Franklin Method is a totally new way of training, in which you train function by  learning/feeling/experiencing how the body is designed. Instead of trying to fit your body into different exercise regimens, positions and machines, how about learning about the body from the inside out and using the mind to make lasting improvements.

It combines scientific and anatomical analysis with imagery interventions, evolutionary insights, touch and movement, in ways that are both effective and fun. It can be used as a tool to improve overall fitness and body usage, or as a specific performance enhancement in athletics, music and dance.

It is a perfect adjunct to physical therapy and rehabilitation, as it is rich in take home exercises and gives insight into how to get the client’s mindset involved in the therapeutic interaction.

You learn the fundamentals of body design and how to efficiently integrate your mind through the use of imagery in movement. You learn how your body is designed to function, which gives you immediate insight into how you have been using that design, and from there you can choose your course of action, regimen of exercise, mental training, or therapy from a more informed and empowered perspective.

The Franklin Method can stand by itself or supplement and enrich traditional training methods. It proposes there is so much more potential, enjoyment and wellness for us all to experience.

Inspiring, challenging, exciting, playful and in the end, transformative.

You get better at what you do.

Experience for yourself how to transform the science of movement into the practice of movement—using your body as it was designed, learning from the inside out.

Experience the sweet spot of function, to live life well, to thrive.

The Franklin Method

Guest Author: Morten Dithmer

Morten will be leading a level 1 teacher training in Toronto. Learn more about that training here.

Director of Franklin Method Asia & Master Teacher Trainer


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  • Patricia Guyton

    Great article! This is exactly what differentiates the teacher of choreography from the teacher of healthy movement.


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