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And welcome to The Psoas:  Beyond The Abdominals online course!  Please take a moment to read through the FAQs below…it will make your experience with this course easier.

What is the format of the online course?

The online course consists of 3 modules of video recordings, taught by myself, Eric Franklin.

What is the cost of the course? Is this price for all three modules?

The price for the whole course (all three modules) is $194. This one-time purchase grants you access to all three modules (18 videos total).

Do I need any materials before I start the course?

To fully experience the course you will need a Franklin Method ball and band. You can order them here.

Where do I access the course module after purchasing?

You will receive an email with instructions for accessing your course.  Please be sure to save this email.

How long will the course be available online?

It will be available for one year from date of purchase. Once granted access to all three modules, you will have unlimited views of the videos until this date.

Are the videos available for download, or just for streaming?

The videos are not available for download, but they are available for streaming. You will have unlimited views of the videos until one year has passed from date of purchase.

Can I view the videos on my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes, all videos are viewable with Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as all standard laptop and desktop computers (both PC and MAC).

I have access to module 1 but cannot view module 2 or module 3. When will I have access to the other modules?

Upon purchasing you will only have access to module 1. In a week you will receive an email notifying you of your access to the second module. In another week you will receive notification for access to the third and final module. Upon receiving these notifications, you will be directed to your new course modules.

Why aren’t all of the modules made available to me at once?

The reason we extend the release of each additional module to be once every week, is we believe that the course materials are best reviewed thoroughly before moving on to the next.

Is this course eligible for credit towards ACE or other continuing education programs?

The course is not eligible for credits towards ACE. However, when you take the course in conjunction with two webinars you are eligible for continuing credits towards Franklin Method Certification (this only works as continuing credits, which means you must already be a certified Franklin Method instructor.)

I am still have difficulties accessing my videos. Who can I talk to for more help?

If you have further questions, you can contact us directly at support@franklinmethod.com.

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