Eric Franklin is dedicated to sharing his transformative methods with people around globe. Yoga, Pilates and fitness coaches worldwide swear by the Franklin Method® as it accelerates training gains and puts the fun back into movement. It also paves the way for rapid improvements in posture, flexibility and coordination.

Webinar Replay
with Eric Franklin

Fitness and embodiment for healthy hands 


Human beings possess the world’s most sophisticated gripping tool – the hand. Despite our hands sharing a similar anatomical structure to those of our primate cousins, ours are far superior when it comes to coordination and variation of movement. No machine can reproduce the range of movements and actions that our hands can master with ease. But in this age dominated by mobile phones and keyboards, it’s become more important than ever that we take good care of our hands to avoid issues like repetitive strain injuries such as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

In this webinar, Eric Franklin will show you what you can do to care for your precious hands, embody them and train them to remain fit and healthy for years to come.

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This 90-minute webinar replay covers:

  • Ground-breaking exercises to train your dexterity and strengthen your wrist
  • How to go about remedying carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Exercises for releasing and caring for the fascia of the hand and lower arm
  • The best stretching techniques for the hand
  • Help dealing with arthritis in the hands

Replay: The Hand in Motion with Eric Franklin


  • Replay of live webinar with Eric Franklin (originally streamed on Tuesday July 26th, 2022)
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Includes:
    • 3 months of access to the video replay
    • Poster pack with 5 downloadable & printable posters – PDF
    • Exercise Reference Sheet –  PDF

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