General Terms and Conditions of Business

1. These General Terms and Conditions of Business apply to the Franklin Method® Teacher Training courses and workshops offered by the Franklin-Method Institute worldwide.

2. Registration for a teacher training course
A registration fee is due upon registration; the amount is stated in the corresponding announcement. Upon receipt of your registration and registration fee you will receive a confirmation from the Institute/Organizer and, depending on the mode of payment, an invoice. Thus your registration becomes definitive. The agreed payment deadlines are binding.

3. Registration for a workshop
After registering for a workshop you will receive confirmation from the Institute and, depending on the mode of payment, an invoice. The agreed payment deadlines are binding. If you pay shortly before commencement of the course your receipt shall be presented to the course assistant. It is also possible by arrangement to pay the amount due on the first day of the

4. Place in course and holding of course
In order to optimize our training courses and workshops we fix a minimum and a maximum number of participants. Places in the course are awarded in the order of registration and subject to payment by the due date. If the number of participants is not sufficient the training course or workshop will not be held. In this eventuality payments already made will be reimbursed in full.

5. Exclusion from courses
The Management reserves the right to exclude one or more participants from a course. In the event of exclusion the course fee will be proportionately reimbursed.

6. Withdrawal and refunds
Withdrawal from a confirmed teacher training course or a confirmed workshop involves a considerable amount of administrative work. The Institute charges cancellation fees according
to the time of withdrawal from a course. The following arrangement applies: The Institute requires notice of withdrawal in writing in all cases. The withdrawal takes effect on the day the withdrawal notice is received at the Institute’s secretariat. The cancellation fees charged by the Institute are as follows. They will be deducted from any reimbursement.

Franklin Method Training Cancelation Policy

1) There is a no refund of the initial down payment  which secures your place in
the course
2) 6 months and earlier there is a full refund minus the down payment
3) Earlier than 3 months before the course there is a 50% refund minus and not including
the down payment.
4)3 months before the training there is no longer the possibility of refunding.

The student must expect about a month time for the full processing of the refund.

7. Missed lessons
You are allowed to miss a maximum of 3 days from the course but must give a written account of the missed days after consulting with a fellow student and reading up on the material.

8. Confirmation of attendance and certificate
Diplomas for training courses are issued upon fulfillment of all requirements (homework, reports, passing of presentation exam etc.). Certificate of attendance of workshops can be requested by the organizer if necessary.

9. Entitlement to hold courses
After completing the training graduates are entitled to hold courses and workshops on the Franklin Method®, teaching the designated workshops they have been given according to their level of training. It is not permitted to hold courses or workshops in the Franklin Method ® during the first year of training and charge money for it. The Institute reserves the right to take legal action if this stipulation is infringed.

10. Limitations of liability
All teacher training courses, workshops and other courses can raise self-awareness; a precondition for this is the psychological ability to cope with strain and assume responsibility.
The Institute shall not be liable for any difficulties arising in this connection. During the training and workshops participants are doing common gymnastic exercises with gymnastic equipment. The institute shall not be liable for any physical damage that may occur thereof. It is up to participants to ensure that they are adequately insured.

11. Program and price changes
The Institute reserves the right to change the program and prices, and to change its general terms and conditions of business.

12. Copyright
The titles and contents of the courses and all documents issued are protected by copyright and may only be re-used within the agreed limits. In the case of illustrations, texts and text excerpts, the source “Franklin-Method Institute” must always be mentioned.

13. Jurisdiction and applicable law
All legal relations with the Franklin-Method Institute (Institut für Franklin-Methode) are governed by Swiss law. Venue shall be Wetzikon.

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