Tension is the Enemy of Movement

We have probably all heard the “cue” or instruction to correct slouching by simply being suggested or told to take your shoulders back and lift your chest. However, this isn’t the best idea as it causes tension in your body. Tension is the enemy of movement.

So how can you correct slouching in a way that removes tension, instead of adding tension, while also helping strengthen your sternum?

In the video below, I show you a way to do just that:

Why is it important to teach function instead of form?

Cueing for movement is a foundational principle of the Franklin Method, along with imagery, embodiment and anatomy. It is a key part of what we teach in our training programs for those that are interested in becoming a Franklin Method Educator. 

For example, this week we are in the midst of the last module (or week) of our Level 3 Teacher Training in New York City. This talented group of educators from all over the world have been learning with me since level one, and throughout this time adding to their teaching repertoires new workshops and subjects that they’re empowered to instruct. I am looking forward to this weekend when I deliver to each of them their Level 3 Diploma. However, not that long ago they were all starting their journey with the level 1 class. You can join the journey they’ve started: learn more about becoming a Franklin Method educator here! ( We only have 2 spots left for our New York Level 1 Training in June and the early bird special expires on the 15th!!)

If you can’t make it to a teacher training, and still want to opportunities to learn, I have a few live workshops coming up all over the world. You can see those here. Also, you can learn from me where ever you are by doing an online workshop. We have a few more weeks left before my live webinar with Pelvic Power Part II, you can still sign up and join in on the Pelvic Power online course, you can find out more info here about this online course. 

Also: I will be posting a two free bonus videos later this week on our Facebook and Twitter pages about some very interesting topics: the eyes and the heart. Watch for those by finding us on Facebook & Twitter using the buttons below. They will also be posted in our blog, on our website. 

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