Thank you for taking the time to apply to become a member of our teacher training faculty. Please fill out the below application. We will be reviewing applications periodically and will be contacting those that have been approved to be a part of our training program. We do have a limited amount of faculty training apprentices each year, but will do our best to give as many opportunities as possible. If we feel like you would be a great fit as a faculty member, but are missing some requirements, we may ask you to fulfill those before moving on in the application process.

Before filling out the application, please review some of the commitments of responsibility during the apprentice process. We realize that the apprentice process takes a lot of time commitment, and want to make sure that you feel comfortable with the level of commitment before applying.

Guidelines to becoming a Teacher Trainee:

To become a trainer faculty member it is important to spend a full module with students, teaching segments of modules, experiencing the administrative side of leading a teacher training.

Costs for Teacher Faculty Training (Europe based training only) There is no current charge for UK or US based Faculty Intern Trainees

Teacher trainee charge per day 60 Euro
Repeating days because of Sickness etc. Day 1-3* 120 CHF / 80 Euro per day
Website listing (if not done through a web form) 20 CHF/15 Euro per Listing

Expectations of Training Experience:

Repeating Level 1 TT that will include the following:

For every level you are certified to teach in faculty, you will fulfill a faculty training re-do of that level.

  • 1-4x In charge of class training with at least one anatomic topic
  • 1-4x In charge of the movement training (30min) at least one time> with feedback/supervision of the teacher.
  • Participation of the yearly CE for Teachers and CE for FME (US, Online courses can be used as CE)
  • Recorded 30 min excerpt of faculty trainee teaching own Franklin Workshop
  • Lead mentorship program with segment of students
  • Help students with presentation practice via Skype (from mentor group)
  • Available for questions via Skype, email or preferred method of communication
  • Correct homework of students with available oversight & advisement of Senior Trainer
  • Give homework feedback to mentorship students via email, please cc emails to Senior Trainer with copy of homework.
  • Participation and assistance with other administrative tasks that are part of leading a teacher training: may include but not limited to: checking in trainees and verifying homework is turned in on time, printing and creating graduation certificates, printing as well as other administrative tasks.
  • Internship assistant duties during the training for the head trainer of that module.

During this training period you will be judged on continuity with training manual, teaching methodology, clarity of feedback to students and communication skills. You will also be given feedback from the senior instructor on these areas and be given feedback for any areas that you need growth in. We will also take into account student feedback after solo teaching or unsupervised teaching to give you added insight into areas that may need improvement.

Graduation Process:

Final examination is at the beginning of next applicable level that faculty trainee is training for:

Final Examination is reviewed by Senior teacher and includes:

  1. Solo teaching of ½ day or full day in module A of that level on subject chosen by Senior Trainer.
  2. Solo movement teaching for entire class movement training
  3. The Final examination will consist of supervised teaching of three classes on three of the major topics for that level (example: Level 1: pelvis, knee, shoulder, spine, etc)
  4. The final examination is judged and if teacher passes successfully they are now able to become a certified faculty teacher trainer for that level.

When you repeat the level as faculty you are there in part to review the material but your primary concern will be to assist the students. You are not there to learn the Franklin Method, you are there to learn to teach the Franklin Method to educators. Making yourself available on the breaks to answer any questions students might have. This is a really great way to deepen your knowledge of the material.

Here are some examples of the expectations of a faculty apprentice:

  1. Help the students feel comfortable. As I’m sure you remember, it can be a big shock to the system when we first start to “take on” all this information and to say it can be overwhelming would be an understatement.
  2. You will also over-see their teach backs in class and give constructive feedback.
  3. Homework: Collecting homework from students on the first day of each module. And following up with anyone who doesn’t hand it in or hasn’t completed all the requirements. As well as reading over it, giving feedback and answering questions.
  4. Mentoring between modules: You will most likely be assigned a number of students to mentor between modules. This could involve phone calls/Skype chats to answer questions or review material. And helping them to prepare for their exam presentations before the final module.
  5. Teaching: You may be asked to teach parts of the warm up. Could be anytime so just be ready. You will also be required to teach a topic in class. Usually review but you will get some notice in advance of this.
  6. Setting up/Closing down: You will be helping the other faculty members to set up each morning for the training, and close down each day. The first and last day of each module will have the most work in this area
  7. Assisting instructors: Checking in with Eric or whoever the instructor to see if they need water, coffee etc. If they need any additional batteries, markers, etc.
  8. Faculty meetings/dinners: There may be a faculty meeting or two during the Module. You are required to attend this and the class night out so probably best not to make too many evening plans until you know the dates/times for these meetings.
  9. Mandatory Annual Continuing Education Class & Faculty Continuing Education Day

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