Stronger abs, improved balance

Stronger Abs, Improved Balance: 5 Fun Exercises Using Bands

Workouts don’t have to be drudgery, they can be fun.  For today’s video lesson I will be teaching you some creative and enjoyable ways to train your core using resistance bands. This is the perfect partner workout, so find a friend to join you.

In this free video lesson we are using Franklin Method resistance bands. Bands are a great workout tool because they are very portable and you can use them in all kinds of spaces and places. I’m lucky to have my wife, Laura Hames Franklin featuring in this video lesson.

Watch, and feel free to discuss in the comments!

Would  you like to learn more about ways to dynamically strengthen your core?

Check out one of our most popular online courses. This course has even more band workouts as well as education that will change your body.

Dynamic Abs: Whole Body Workout

You will learn:

  • Screenshot at Jun 16 10-39-15How to strengthen abdominal muscles in an effective way, without injuring or causing tension in your body.
  • The relation between abdominal strength and a lean, flat stomach.
  • The best methods for abdominal training using function, anatomy, movement and imagery.
  • How to coordinate your breathing  and abdominal muscles properly.

As a special thank you for reading our blog, we would love to give you $50 off the online course, using discount code: FUNABS Learn more and register here.*

 More news:

pretty fanWe still have spaces in our 2017 Level 1 Teacher Training in New York City!

You will learn:

  • Dynamic Imagery for rapid improvement in movement
  • How to feel great in your body, in minutes and how to teach that skill to others
  • Practical insights into the embodiment of function; from biomechanical synchronism to movement excellence.
  • How to train to go from average to outstanding.
  • Effective and fun exercise series using Franklin Balls & Bands


Training includes:

  • 21 days of intensive learning, spread over one year for your convenience.
  • One set of Franklin method balls
  • One Franklin Method Blue Band
  • Exclusive access to Interactive Training Facebook Group
  • Immediate access to the Training Membership Online Page with tools that include the Pelvic Power 1 & 2 online courses, Mind Body online course and the educator only online course: Franklin Method Principles. Get access to the page and courses immediately after registration. 

Register to become a certified Franklin Method Educator here.

*Please make sure the discount is applied before “checking out” as we are unable to refund due to missed discounts

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Showing 21 comments
  • Carol

    Yes!!!!!!! I am inspired and informed by your videos, I hope to join a program with you when it is realizable for me. Thank you for your work in the world!!!!!

  • Michelle McIntosh

    I enjoy the variety of movements in different planes using the band instead of weights. Movements feel more natural and smooth.

  • Mary Schultz

    Explicit explanation and visuals.
    When Erik talks and the person performs the exercise, he is precise and the person doing the movements is precise. Erik anticipates what needs to be explained in order for those of us at home to learn and get it right. THANKS

  • Lucy Hauser

    Thanks, very much.
    Is always a learning experience. My abdominals are feeling the work already. Is very nice have a taste of the execises and practice giving you a idea of the seminar.

    Lucy Hauser

  • Georgina james

    I loved the free video this is an excercise you can do anytime ur anywhere thank you so much for sharing this..

  • Mina

    This is exactly what I need, since I have the biggest weakness in doing crunches. I look forward seeing the improvement in my core strenght. Do you maybe suggest any other exercises with some other equipment which would also benefit me? Thank you for sharing this invaluable knowledge.

  • Maud Geng

    Love it.

  • Dashurije


  • Diana Iles

    Great stuff – I can use this for my dance students!

  • Noevia Lopez

    love your work , would love to train with you .However ,i live in MIAMI fla. my studio is thank you for your Amazing teaching………Noevia

  • Ciara Foster

    Hi Eric, many thanks for this video. Would you mind if I added it to my website please?
    I’m always looking for videos that I can share with my Pilates clients for home practice.
    Thank you and best regards


      You can absolutely share the link on your website, please just link back to this website. Thank you!

  • Emily

    Simple and affective, great info

  • shuli

    2 participants can be active as one of them works, the other balances the pulling movements with the band held in his hers arms stretched forward in different lengths from the body- making sure they are not leaning backwards for balance

  • Lynn Materne

    I really like the multiple planes involved in this work out! So creative and fun, thank you.

  • Judy George

    I love learning from you Eric!
    I take your on line courses.
    I love them.
    I appreciate all the different planes of movement you use with the band!

  • Elena

    I’ll do for myself not only for my client!

  • Kimberley

    Great inspiration, and fun exercises especially for those who cannot make it down to the floor.

  • Kimberly

    I love that the movements are so free and actually fun!!

  • Barbara Copeland

    You do amazing work. I have a right shoulder problem and am now devouring your book Relax your Neck Liberate your Shoulders!

  • tarastepenberg

    did enjoy these – and taught them as part of my class at the Pacific Northwest Ballet’s summer program and will use these ex. as part of my mat class tomorrow with our Level VIII folks thanks –
    the partner work was an important feature for both sharing and observing


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