You may have already heard about our newest online workshop: The Liberated Spine.

In honor of its official release, we are excited to offer you a free gift from the The Franklin Method.

Give your spine some love with the following complimentary tools: 


  • A free imagery printable poster with an original imagery illustration.

  • An excerpt video from week 2 of the online course (8+ min free lesson!) “Increasing the Potential of Your Spine”

Free Spine Tools:

View & Download a Printable Imagery Poster

Original artwork by Eric Franklin



A short excerpt from week two of our our newest online video workshop The Liberated Spine:



Spine health is whole body health. Pamper your hard working back by learning the keys to a healed, healthy spine and invest in the ultimate self-care for your back.

The Liberated Spine

Imagery Exercises for a Strong, Flexible and Healthy Spine

This online workshop offers you the ideal entry into the world of the spine and takes you on a journey to a pain-free daily routine. This 10 week online workshop not only includes training and movement components, but also has a mental-psychological side: because the body cannot do what the mind is unable to.

Explore the spine’s beautiful design. Learn its optimal function and how to maximize your spine for any activity or movement you take part in with strength, stability and freedom.


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