7 Steps to Reduce Stress & Increase Mindfulness

Today I have for you an intensive 7 part lesson: Seven Steps to Reduce Stress & Increase Mindfulness

Watch this video to become more grounded, relaxed and you will notice that it is now much easier to calm our mind.

“You are ‘mindful’ when you are present with what you are doing in the moment.”

How can you incorporate this into your daily life? How did you feel after going through each part of this lesson?


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  • Katharine Parsons

    Love these videos. Took a Franklin workshop in March, here in New Orleans. He is so popular that folks flew in from California and Wisconsin among other places. A great workshop! I highly recommend it to anyone that works in movement. Wish I could take many more.

  • Vivian Zapanta

    I am a Franklin Method addict! I have been addicted to this method from the time I joined Eric’s workshops in California, to the point that, I joined all of Eric’s teacher training program. I flew far and worldwide, just to learn from this brilliant man and through years of study under him and Morten, happily attained my FM educator Level 3. Yet there is more to learn, this is an endless road of learning. I can’t seem to get enough!
    This method made to be the best teacher I can be, for this method equipped me on how scary and technical terms become simple and easy to understand, thus my students can easily internalize the lessons of the workshops, thus making my students leave with happy bodies as shown in their faces!
    If you want a body that is functional and happy…take Franklin workshops! FM Workshops are truly amazing and has revolutionized the way we teach people how to move!

  • Christine Kendell

    Helpful – a different angle on mindfulness – and easy to understand and do.


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