Roll Down

Stand comfortably with your feet hip width apart. Slowly roll down your spine beginning from the crown of your head. Imagine each vertebrae flexing forward in sequence. You may remain anatomical in your imagery or imagine the vertebrae to be shiny pearls on a chain. Imagine the pearls from all perspectives, front side and back. If you prefer anatomical imagery imagine the muscles of your back gently stretching and lengthening and balanced action on the right and left sides of your spinous processes. When you are all the way down keep your knees slightly bent. Imagine your whole upper body to be a soft cloth suspended from your femur heads. Let the cloth drape downward as your femur heads support the cloth and even float upward a bit.

Imagine small balloons attached to your sit bones. These balloons lift your sit bones upward, which will increase the flexion as your hip. Slowly dangle your head back and forth to make sure your neck and shoulders are relaxed.  Imagine how the weight of your head gently lengthens your spine.

Now slowly roll back up through your spine, using anatomical or metaphorical imagery as you prefer. Watch each vertebrae coming to a perfect balance on top of the lower one with your head perched in a relaxed manner on top of the spine.


Repeat the roll down two or three more times and take note of any changes in the experience of your alignment when you are finished.

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