Release lower back tension, by pampering these organs

Your heart. Your lungs. We know that these organs keep your body alive. Today our free lesson is about a different set of organs, these also work non stop – and are the cleaning crew for your blood.

It’s time to pamper and treat these organs well, and by doing this? You also get a instant benefit: lower back tension released. So let’s talk about the kidneys!

Your kidneys are self cleaning mechanisms constantly repairing itself and filtering your blood. It is the “machine” that keeps your body clean and running. Your kidneys deserve to be treated and cared for. This lesson we will help your kidneys through movement, imagery and breathing.

In this week’s video  lesson, I show you how to release your lower back tension by using these movements with imagery and breathing for the kidney. This will not only relax your back but help lengthen your spine, and may even relax and drop tension from your shoulders.


Eric Franklin will be doing a LIVE webinar on September 15th, 2015 for those that have purchased either our Dynamic Abs: Whole Body Fitness, Sit to be Fit: Live Longer with a Stronger Core online course, or the bundled package with both courses.

You can join this webinar if you join these courses before September 15th. During these courses you will learn:

  • Functional Anatomy & Embodied Training for your abdominal.
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  • Training that will change your whole body.
  • Learn to release shoulder and back tension & much more …

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  • Sunny Raskin

    I admire all your work and thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  • sal

    As a certified trainer,triathlete and certified yoga instructor I have learned a lot from you and your videos.Thank you and many blessings.

  • Helen Frick

    Hi Eric,
    I like your website, great that you share your knowledge.
    Remember, I used to cut your hair a long time ago when you lived at home and I did my apprentice in Thalwil. My name was Helen Fischli. I also meet you in New York when I travelled in the States with my husband Hanspeter.
    Nicole, a swiss friend of my know about you through her friend Michael Parmenter.. It’s a small world.
    I’m looking forward to learn more from you.
    Have a relaxed time, Helen


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