Release Your Lower Back

This week’s video I have for you an exercise to release tension from your lower back. This exercise uses movement, imagery and proprioception.

Did you feel a difference in your lower back after doing the exercise? Part of releasing tension in the lower back is also releasing tension in the areas connected with your lower back. For example, the online course Pelvic Power I & II has exercises and function education for a strong pelvic floor & liberated lower back:

Pelvic Power I & II

Core Integration: For a Strong Pelvic Floor & Liberated Lower Back!
  • Increase the flexibility of your hip joints for yoga, dance and life
  • Learn pelvic exercises for strength, endurance and flexibility
  • Release tension and pain in your pelvis and lower back
  • Experience Dynamic core training for your pelvis

Learn more about the Pelvic Power online course here:

Purchase before April 15th and you can get 15% or $90 off*(!!) the cost of the bundled package that includes: Mind Body Online course, Pelvic Power 1, with 17 companion videos, and Pelvic Power 2. Please use discount code: NEW15  – ALSO if you sign up before May, you can join in on his LIVE webinar Q&A for Pelvic Power II!

*Discount is only applicable for the Pelvic Power Bundled package, and cannot be used with any other discountsplease ensure that the $90 is removed from price before “checking out” as we are unable to refund for discount issues. Please contact us at if you are having problems using the discount code.


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  • Don Duma

    Eric, great presentation on the lower back. Tried it for the first time and it eased the back tension. I have purchased your book Dynamic Alignment with the hope of relieving knee pain at the front of the knee. Many solutions involve stretching which did not sound correct. As with your approach to the back do you have something similar for this front knee pain?
    Great Direction


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