Eric Franklin is dedicated to sharing his transformative methods with people around globe. The Franklin Method® not only accelerates training gains and puts the fun back into movement, it has been life changing for many people in preventing and recovering from injury.

Webinar replay with Eric Franklin

“Re-imagining the Core”
A science-driven approach to effective core training


Training the “core” is all the rage in today’s fitness world – but unfortunately many types of core training completely miss the mark scientifically, and often do much more harm than good. Toss out what you think you know about the core and prepare to have your mind blown as we share the secrets of effective core training in two unmissable hours.

It’s time to set the record straight on training your core! Understand precisely what muscles makes up this vital pillar of your body as well as the all important do’s and don’ts of training your core. This class is a serious eye-opener – and a must for anyone serious about full body fitness. And who better to take the mystery out of training the core than Eric Franklin?

After this webinar you will understand how to specifically train and embody your core muscles for ideal function. And this doesn’t mean holding a plank pose every day either! The Franklin Method approach to core training is more refined, applying creative cueing, anatomical knowledge and effective mind-body practices so you can experience, train and release the different muscles and fascia that make up the core. This is effective core training made easy!

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The 2-hour webinar covers:

✅ What exactly is the core and how can it be embodied?
✅ How to train and cue the core the Franklin Method way
✅ How your core can influence back pain
✅ Strength, stiffness, flexibility or release? What do you need?
✅ Exploring deep and superficial muscles, core and global muscles, and the fascia-core connection
✅ Core-related factors that improve movement performance

Webinar REPLAY | Re-imagining the Core


  • Replay of the webinar with Eric Franklin (originally broadcast on Monday October 30th, 2023)
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Includes:
    • 3 months of access to the video replay
    • Poster pack with 5 downloadable & printable posters – PDF
    • Exercise Reference Sheet –  PDF


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