Change your body by changing your mind


The Franklin Method® is a ground-breaking training technique –
helping you unlock your body’s full potential through exercise, imagery and anatomical
understanding based on the Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagination (DNI)™.


Move better. Feel great. Prevent injuries. Improve performance.


The Franklin Method® is a highly effective, evidence-based approach to movement education focusing on the body and its function. It has been practiced for some 30 years and taught at numerous illustrious institutions around the globe.

Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery is at the heart of the Franklin Method® – this is the use of metaphorical mental imagery to support the development of healthy physical function, strength, mobility and coordination. In other words, we combine visualization techniques with physical exercises to improve movement.


The Franklin Method® can be used as stand-alone training as well as a complement to yoga, Pilates, dance, physiotherapy and many other disciplines. It can help you hone and embody the movements you already practice – in everyday life, training and teaching.

The Franklin Method® can help you improve your coordination, body awareness, flexibility, mobility, strength and understanding of the body. You can learn our method for personal development with our online workshops and webinars, or as an addition to your teaching toolbox in our teacher training courses.

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    The Franklin Method uses cutting edge exercise, motivation & dynamic imagery to change your body, by changing your mind.


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