We can all agree we should be fit; but fit for what? The present idea of sexiness or the full activation of the design of our body. Don’t think that mere exercise is any guarantee for better usage. Only when the body is being used according to the way it is designed, muscles naturally gets trained to produce movement, stability, strength and flexibility that supports healthy function. Which is why, you never see a cat with a dumbbell.

Taking the insights from Dynamic Imagery and Experiential Anatomy we can experience that embodiment of function does indeed improve function. Leading to movement efficiency, poise and presence, performance excellence and enhanced longevity. It is built into our system; if you use it well, you will feel well. The body was designed to move and movement respecting that design is the great elixir of life.

It is not realistic to fix the bad habits of daily life in a few weekly exercise classes. Practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes permanent. Simply adding weight, endurance or flexibility will not correct bad movement patterns but only make you more strong, fast or flexible in your imbalance.

The Franklin Method at its base uses all movements as possible exercises; we analyze them and see how they fit in with the design and bio-mechanics of the body. Because when we have balance and alignment in our every day life, it is a great starting point for exercise. Then you can build strength, endurance and flexibility into a well organized body.

The Franklin Method uses a rich variety of movement ranging from everyday activities, walking, sitting standing to dynamic stretching, Thera-Band® exercise series, Franklin Balls, dance, rhythm, coordination exercises and improvisation to stimulate the ongoing dialogue of life in a body. Learn fun and diverse ways to keep your body healthy and fit.

  • Benefit from the application of physiology, movement science and the latest in the brain’s self-training abilities.
  • Improve your balance and posture.
  • Develop your rhythmical skills.

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