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The Franklin Method® is a unique synthesis of imagination, movement and experienced anatomy. The experienced anatomy is conveyed in such a way that the participants in our workshops and training courses can easily understand and implement it. The knowledge imparted gives the participants a better feeling for their body and its functions. In this way, what has been learned can be embodied. Adverse movement and posture patterns are uncovered and replaced by new ones.

The Franklin Method® should always be in the foreground. Our Franklin balls and the elastic exercise bands are training partners that support the techniques used, make it easier to feel and enable efficient endurance, coordination and strength training – always accompanied by images and embodiment of function.

An example: We stand on the green original Franklin balls and bend and stretch our knees a few ties. When bending, we see our sit bones moving away from each other. When stretching we see how our sit bones approach each other


Franklin Fascia Massager™ Oval

Eric Franklin’s compact Fascia Massager™ Oval boosts circulation, unlocks tight muscles, and wakes up sensory receptors throughout the body.
It’s ideal for the hands, neck and feet, but very effective for releasing connective tissue anywhere on the body. As you roll out your smaller muscles using this tool and practice Franklin Method® imagery, your brain will remind your body how it operates best, supporting optimal function and relaxation.


Fascia Grip Ball

Use this weighted Franklin Method® ball to deepen self-massage, increase proprioception, and improve your movement routine. It fits in your hand and has a pebbled texture that makes it easy to grip. Filled with water, it’s perfect for improving strength and muscle tone throughout the body. When used for self-massage, this ball is excellent for releasing trigger points, reversing pain, and alleviating sore muscles.


Franklin Fascia Toner

This peanut-shaped massager releases connective tissue in the feet, spine, hamstrings, and any other area of the body that’s tight and tense. It increases proprioception, improves nervous system function, and helps restore natural movement. The Franklin Fascia Toner’s spikes wake up sensory receptors and boost circulation, strengthening your connection with your body.

This tool is similar to the Franklin Fascia Massager™ Peanut, but it’s spikes are more gentle and flexible, making it perfect for breaking up dense fascia. Using a needle pump you can make the Franklin Fascia Toner firmer, or leave it soft for a gentler experience.


Franklin Fascia Roll

Roll away pain and holding with the unique, water-filled Franklin Fascia Roll™. Massage and stimulate the body to increase proprioception and improve function. Use this tool in conjunction with Franklin Method® exercises and imagery to support deeper integration.

The Franklin Fascia Roll is close in size and shape to the popular Franklin Mini Roll™ but has a special weightiness due to the fact that it’s water-filled. It’s ideal for dissolving pain and releasing contraction in the muscles and fascia.


Franklin Medium Fascia Ball Set

These smooth, medium-density Franklin Method® massage balls are a key tool for releasing muscles and fascia, especially in the feet. Small in size, they’re ideal for relieving plantar fasciitis and reversing pain. These balls can be used at trigger points on the forearms, neck, and shoulders to unlock sore muscles. They’re intended to be used with Franklin Method® exercises.


Franklin Firm Fascia Ball Set

Our firm massage balls offer deep release in the feet and other tight muscles and fascia throughout the body. If you’ve worked with the Franklin Medium Fascia Ball Set and are looking to intensify your exercises, these are for you. These are small, making them ideal for relieving pain related to plantar fasciitis, among dozens of other common issues.

The Franklin Firm Fascia Ball Set can be used at trigger points on the forearms, neck, and shoulders to soothe sore muscles. They’re designed for use with Franklin Method® mind-body exercises. Take it slow as this FIRM ball set is for more advanced practitioners who have already reached a certain level of function and embodiment.



Franklin Fascia Ball

The weighted, water-filled Franklin Fascia Ball helps release pain and build strength throughout the body. You can use it to roll out the fascia and facilitate muscle melting through trigger point release. This tool is great for soothing overworked muscles and providing relief from chronic tightness.


Franklin Tough Ball – Orange

Use our Tough Ball to go deeper into the muscles and fascia and rewire tight patterning. This Franklin Method® advanced classic can be used during trainings and for intense self-massage.

Ideal for performers and athletes of all sorts, this tool provides unmatched fascial release and complete relief from soreness. Performers and athletes who train hard will benefit from its tough, durable construction that provides myofascial release for sore areas across the body.


Franklin Mini Smooth Ball Set

Our Franklin Mini Smooth balls are unique in the Franklin Method® toolbox as they’re excellent for relieving constriction and breaking up dense fascia in precise areas of the feet, hands, neck, shoulders, hips, and more. They reach areas our larger balls can’t and create noticeable shifts in the musculature of the body.


Franklin Small Blue Textured Ball Set

This set of Franklin balls is ideal for training the muscles of the back. You’ll feel a deep release through the relaxing massage this set provides. They’re designed to improve function and movement in conjunction with Franklin Method® exercises. The uneven surface increases sensory function, improving circulation and optimizing movement.


Franklin Textured Ball Set

The classic green Franklin Textured Ball Set relaxes the muscles and fascia on a deeper level than the classic smooth orange balls. These level 2 balls are designed to be used in conjunction with Franklin Method® exercises.

Our textured ball set is the ideal weight and size for releasing pain in the jaw, neck, elbows, hips, feet, and more. If you’re just getting started with Franklin Method® or are recovering from an injury, please start with the classic orange Smooth Franklin Ball Set, and then graduate to these.


Franklin Smooth Ball Set

The classic Franklin Smooth Ball™ Set is an essential piece of your movement toolkit. These soft, squishy balls are made to massage and release even the most sensitive muscles and fascia. Regardless of their softness, they facilitate profound release by getting to the core of the muscle without irritating the surrounding tissues. Great for beginners and advanced practitioners.


Franklin Mini Roll

Improve stability and function while performing simple exercises. Our blue Franklin Mini Roll™ can support the shoulders, spine, and legs throughout your movement routine.

The small size and unique peanut shape molds to the muscles of your body and dissolves tightness. The Mini Roll is great for strengthening the pelvic floor as well.


Franklin Air Ball

The Franklin Air Ball™ is a small, 9” diameter low-impact tool that’s great for Franklin Method® and Pilates exercises, such as inner thigh work and full lower body routines. Use it to gently, effectively build strength and tone.


Franklin Easy Grip Ball Set

The Franklin Easy Grip Ball™ Set is geared toward sensory stimulation and relaxation. When used in conjunction with Franklin Method® exercises they provide deep release and soothing massage. Their textured surface makes them easy to grip and excellent for breaking up fascia.


Franklin Band Blue

Our 11’ heavy blue band is a Franklin Method® original, providing moderate to intense resistance. This band is designed to optimize your stretching routine and improve flexibility and strength by providing resistance during basic and advanced movements. It’s crucial for any Eric Franklin course, and will ensure you get the most out of your Franklin Method® training.


Franklin Band Green

Our 9’ medium green band is a Franklin Method® original, providing medium resistance. It’s great for beginners and practitioners who just want a gentler experience. This band is designed to optimize your stretching routine and improve flexibility and strength by providing resistance during basic and advanced movements. It’s crucial for any Eric Franklin courses, and will ensure you get the most out of your Franklin Method® training.


Franklin Plush Ball Set

These are the softest of the Franklin Balls, designed for gentle massage and release all over the body. They’re ideal for getting into the neck, back, hips, legs, and feet. The Franklin Plush Ball Set is great for people who want low-impact release and were created to be used in conjunction with the Franklin Method®.

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