Kidney Revolution


  • 6 Weeks of exercises & education
    • Boost your body’s natural cleansing process
    • Unravel lower back pain and improve flexibility
    • Increase your life expectancy
    • Reduce the risk of incontinence
    • Improve your sleep quality and drive
    • Become that magnetic person with great posture



Pop Quiz:

Q: What do lower back pain, sluggish energy, and decreased drive all have in common?

A:  They’re all directly connected to the health of your kidneys.

Your kidneys are your body’s most important cleansing organ, your Chief of Excretions. They’re also one of your primary producers of energy or chi.

What if you had a natural energy reserve that gave you steady juice, rather than feeling depleted or even just “fine?”

Healing and strengthening your kidneys will increase your life expectancy, comfort in your body, give you more stamina in your daily life… and the energy to go on exciting adventures outside your normal routine.

That’s why I created the Kidney Revolution, a 6-week online Franklin Method© workshop that approaches these key organs very differently than your average mind-body training program.

Learn Anatomy & Function

In Kidney Revolution you’ll learn the anatomy and function of your kidneys so you can apply positive, dynamic mental imagery and functional embodiment to them, transforming the way you feel on a tangible level.

Change Your Life

If you’re struggling with tightness in your back, fatigue, restless nights, incontinence, low drive, and/or dry mouth, transforming the health of your kidneys will change your life.

Exercises to Increase Your Energy Bank Account

You can think of these little bean shaped organs as your energy bank account.

Yes, your bank account can run dry, but you can also increase your “salary” by gaining new skills.

Through Franklin Method© you can raise your energy stores through simple yet cutting-edge mind-body exercises that have an immediate effect.

This isn’t just a workshop, it’s a revolution.

Health is more than exercise, food, supplements, and medication. We’ll go beyond the basics and experience our kidneys in a whole new way through embodied function and Dynamic Neuro-cognitive Imagery™.

What the workshop includes:

Immediate Access

Instant access to introductory class & the first week of the workshop!

New Videos Weekly

A new online class accessible every 7 days.

New Exercises

Embodiement exercises plus mind-body interventions to help you release lifelong tension and gain a feeling of expansion and ease in your body.

Access Anywhere

This 6-week workshop is made up of online videos you can follow along with from anywhere you have wifi or streaming data. Join along from a mountain top in Tibet, on the beach in Thailand, or in your living room. 

Two different ways to start the Kidney Revolution:

Instant Access to Kidney Revolution

Kidney Revolution:  Live longer, healthier, and have noticeably more energy

Kidney Revolution: 6 Weeks of exercises & education


$388 Normal Price


Register for Lower Back Package

The Lower Back Package: Two great online workshops to pamper your lower back!


+ Kidney Revolution: 6 Weeks of exercises & education

+ Master Your Lower Back: 8 Weeks of exercises & education

For a limited time, you also get several bonuses

+ Bonus Instant access to online Posture Class

+ Complimentary PDF Downloadable Imagery Poster Packets:

  • Kidney Imagery – 10 Kidney Imagery Posters (Retail: $128) 
  • Fascia Imagery – 10 Fasciaa Imagery Posters (Retail: $128) 


$846 Normal Price

$586 – save $260! + Bonuses if you sign up before Oct 18th, 2018

About Your Educator

Eric Franklin is the founder and director of the Franklin Method®, a science and anatomy-based movement system that blends embodied function and Dynamic Neuro-cognitive Imagery™. He earned his Bachelor of Science from the University of Zurich and his Bachelor of Fine Arts from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Eric created Franklin Method® in 1994 and has since trained thousands of dancers, athletes, teachers, and other diverse movers worldwide. His students include Cirque du Soleil performers, Beyonce’s World Formation Tour dancers, and dozens of world-class athletes who have gone on to become champions.

In 1998 Eric became the first dance medicine and conditioning trainer to reach mainland China when he introduced Chinese dancers to Franklin Method®.

The founder and director is an active member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science.

As an author he’s written 24 books in German and English that have been translated into French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Dutch, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

Eric has taught Franklin Method® at New York University, the Juilliard School, Royal Ballet School in London, Rutgers University, Royal Danish Ballet, Institute for Psychomotor Therapy, University of Vienna, and the Laban Center in London.


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