Heart Revolution: The Franklin Method Approach to a Happy Healthy Heart – 8 Week Digital Online Course

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 8 week online video course

Weekly lessons incl. Videos & Worksheets

  • Module 1a – We are all producers of our state of being – an Introduction to Mind/Body
  • Module 1b – Healthy Mood = Happy Heart
  • Module 2 – The Heart: Function and Location
  • Module 3 – The Heart as a Joint
  • Module 4 – The Heart Goes Along for the Ride
  • Module 5 – The structure of the heart
  • Module 6 – The Sounds of the Heart – What Creates the Lub-Dub?
  • Module 7 – Putting it all together – the movements and rhythm of the heart
  • Module 8: Review of all You can do to Embody the Heart

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Join the Heart Revolution

  • ❤️ Discover true substance on how to have a healthier, happier heart on a physical and emotional level. 

  • ❤️ Learn how to upgrade your brain and rejuvenate your mind and memory.

  • ❤️ Did you know your heart is a muscle? Learn exercises to feel better immediately with new strength and flexibility.

  • ❤️ Create a sense of space and openness in your upper body.

  • ❤️ Release tension in your upper spine; relax your neck and shoulders.

  • ❤️ Improve your circulation and breathing capacity. This will improve your brain function, movement performance and endurance.

  • ❤️ Improve the function of your heart through the movement the diaphragm and ribcage.

  • ❤️ Having a healthy heart is more than just diet and aerobic exercise. Go deeper to explore, experience and know on a substantive level how to help your heart.

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