Singapore FRANKLIN METHOD® FASCIA TRAINER for the Lower Back


June 8th & 9th, 2019

$ 500 Registration

$ 650 USD DELUXE Registration – Includes Online Training (CLICK HERE FOR DELUXE REGISTRATION

The Course price includes:

  • Franklin Method® Fascia Back Trainer Certification 
  • Two Franklin soft balls, Franklin Fascia Toner and a Franklin Method Band 
  • Deluxe Registration includes Fascia For the Lower Back Online Workshop (Retail: $448 USD) 


Singapore Fascia Training
for a strong back


Why do trainers and therapists train in the Franklin Method®?

They train themselves to become the Franklin Method® Fascia Lower Back Trainers, because they enjoy learning new things and are curious about innovative techniques. And you want to base your back fascia training with the scientific findings of Dynamic Neuro-Cognitive Imagery (DNI ™ ).

But also because they want to noticeably improve their own well-being, that of their pupils and patients, as well as their fitness and pass on their knowledge professionally. And last but not least, because they want to make their training more varied to inspire their students.


How can trainers and therapists reduce their students’ risk of injury?

They can be trained to become a Franklin Method® fascia trainer for the lower back. They will learn the essential role Embodiment plays in the topic of strong backs, the interaction of body movements, emotions and thoughts. And because they are specifically trained to train their fascia and thus to get their own tensions and back problems and those of their students and patients under control.

How can trainers  and therapists secure their future career?

They can be trained to become a Franklin Method® fascia trainer for the lower back. Whether they are already trained therapists, exercise educators or coaches for yoga, pilates, sports or dance. Because didactically and methodically you can always improve. And because the new 2-day course “Embodiment in Fascia Training for a Strong Back” as an introduction to the Franklin Method® is ideal. Because the topic of back is beneficial for everyone.

How long can I access the video portal?

The included video series are accessible to you for a lifetime. We want to give you the opportunity to refresh your knowledge as needed.

How does the training work? Are there any requirements?

course of the training

The seminar is a beginner and advanced course for those who want to consolidate and expand their knowledge of back fascia.

After booking you will receive access to the three online video courses to prepare you for the 2-day course. Working through these tutorials is mandatory .

You must complete two simple online tests no later than two weeks before the live class. You have to pass them if you want to attend the live course.

Also  compulsory  is the participation in the live webinar with Eric Franklin: Monday 09.09.2019 from 20:00 to about 21:30. It is an important preparation for the live course. Once you have paid, you will get more detailed information about the process.

The ball set as well as the Franklin band will not be sent, but will be distributed on the first day of the live course.

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Online Video Courses :

  • Basic principles of the Franklin Method®
  • Advanced Fascia training for the lower back

Notes on the live course

  • Each course day lasts from 9:30 to 17:30, with short-term changes possible
  • You will learn a lot from Eric Franklin during these two days. In addition to the exercises, you will also learn how to incorporate what you have learned into your own lessons and share them with your students.
  • Eventually, the course group for exercises will be divided into smaller teams so that they can finish what they have learned in the form of teach-backs in mini-workshops for supervision.

Graduation :

  • You will receive a certificate to the  Fascinating Trainer in accordance with the Franklin Method® .
  • You will be certified to teach the workshop: Franklin Method®: Fascia Fitness for healthy spine
  • You will be certified to add your fascia training to integrate into your current classes*.

*If you are already a trainer or instructor for Pilates, yoga, physiotherapist, dancer or similar or just want to learn more for you, then you are in the right spot!

This course is an advanced / beginner course for those who want to spice up their fascia training (especially back fascia) with the science-based knowledge of Dynamic Neuro-Cognitive Imagery ™ (DNI ™).

Prerequisite is your fun of exercise!

After booking the course, you will have access to two online courses to prepare you for the 2-day course on-site. Before that, there’s a little online test for you to submit BEFORE you start the 2-day course. We make sure that you have the videos viewed and are well prepared with the basic knowledge at the start.

Included Online courses* :

  • Basic principles of the Franklin Method® = 2 videos, approx. 26 min
  • Online video workshop: “Advanced Fascia training your lower back| Fascia Embodiment according to the Franklin Method® “(retail price: $448 USD)

*included in the New York, London and DELUXE Singapore training

Live course details :

  • Course day schedule: from 9:30 to approx. 18:00 (* subject to change without notice)
  • Eric Franklin will provide you with a lot of knowledge during these 2 days. He will also teach you how to incorporate what you have learned into your own lesson, so that not only you, but also your students will benefit.
  • For practical purposes, the course may be divided into smaller groups, which then complete their learning in the form of teach-backs (mini-workshops) as supervision.

Graduation :

  • You will receive a certificate to or from the  Mind Body fascia trainer in accordance with the Franklin Method® terms and conditions .

Are you a licensed trainer after the workshop?

Information about the license can be found here.

Participants in the 2-day course are exempted from continuing education, but remain subject to a license.

The license is included in the course price until the end of 2019 and will only be due again from January 2020.

May licensed Franklin Method® exercise educators attend?

Yes and we offer you a discount of 20% of the course price. * Unfortunately, we can only offer a few discounted spots for already certified FM educators. Please inform us before you register. Unfortunately, we can not refund overpaid fees.


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