Introduction To Fascia Training + Warm Up Videos – 7 Modules at your Own Pace


 Course Breakdown:

  • Module 1 – Fascia Basics: Connective Tissue Module
  • Module 2a – Fascia Basics: The Fibers
  • Module 2b – Fascia Basics: Muscle Packaging
  • Module 3 – Sliding your Abdominal Fascial Joints
  • Module 4 – Fascia Basic Concepts: Definition of Fascia
  • Module 5 – Sliding Glutes
  • Module 6 – Basic Muscle Work
  • Module 7 – Integrating the Idea of Fascia into Muscle Work

Additional Franklin Method Fascia Training Exercise Videos:

  • Create Happier Knees by Releasing Tension in your Thighs
  • Free Your Hips Ball Rolling for your Abductors and Quads
  • Hamstring Magic: More Flexibility without Stretching
  • How to free your hips with this iliotibial Band Exercise
  • How to Liberate your Upper back with Two Rolling Balls
  • Rapid Relief from Shoulder Tension with this Myofascial Exercise
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This introductory course gives you a in depth look at the Franklin Method approach to fascia training. This is will give you a balanced look at Fascia and how it relates to every movement you make. Using education, imagery and embodiment that you’ve come to expect with the Franklin Method you will also put into practice what you are learning with exclusive Franklin Method Fascia training exercises.



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