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The Franklin Method Approach to Breathing for Life

The Franklin Method Approach can be applied to any movement to improve its function.

Our goal is to create happy minds & healthy bodies through anatomical embodiment and Dynamic Neuro-cognitive Imagery (DNI)

 More about Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery (DNI)

The Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery (DNI) combines knowledge and research from a variety of fields, including, anatomy, kinesiology, biomechanics, and neuroscience. The DNI approach has developed tools and approaches for imagery use which are being implemented nowadays in many dance academies universities around the world.

The DNI research team is constantly working on investigating various aspects of the beneficial effects of DNI on human motor performance, This team is composed of specialists in the fields of imagery, biomechanics, and motor performance. 

Breathing For Life – 10 Week Online Course

10-week Course

+ 10 Weekly Video Lessons

+  Participation Certificate*