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Franklin Method Level 3 Teacher training 2020

$4,800.00 $4,500.00

$4500 USD Early bird (before Dec 2019)

$4800 USD after Dec 2019

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Mod A Feb 5th -9th, 2020

Mod B April 15-19, 2020

Mod C June 24-28

Mod D Sept 30- Oct 4,2020  

With full payment you’ll get instant access to these online courses:

+ Kidney Revolution

+ Franklin Method Principles 

+ Breathing for Life 

+ Heart Revolution 




taught by Eric Franklin & FM teaching faculty

Mod A: Feb 5th -9th, 2020

Mod B: April 15-19, 2020

Mod C: June 24-28, 2020

Mod D: Sept 30- Oct 4, 2020

It is common knowledge that muscles and joints need balanced movement to be healthy. Organs, however, are often not considered an important focus in exercise, sport or dance training.

In this level we will discover the importance of organs for improving movement skills, posture, strength & flexibility.

Organ imagery and movement will lead to improvement in:

    • Physiological functioning of the organs
    • Flexibility, strength and coordination
    • Performance in athletics, exercise and dance
    • Health of the immune system
    • Increase longevity and stamina
    • Stabilize mood and emotions
  • Postural Balance

Level III will teach you how to embody the peritoneum and pleura, the glands and organs of the body which includes the: lungs, heart, liver, stomach, duodenum, intestines, kidneys, adrenals, thyroid, pancreas, uterus and bladder.

During the training we will cover:

    • The breathing dynamics of the organs
    • Postural influences or the organs
    • The interaction between organs and peritoneum/pleura
    • Organ rhythms and organ joints
    • The fascial skeleton and organ tensegrity
  • Interactions between muscles, bones and organs

After graduation, you will be certified to teach Franklin Method organ workshops including:

    • Organ Imagery for Health, Alignment and Flexibility
    • Digest for Life: Organ Health for your Stomach
    • Filters for Life: Organ Health for your Kidneys
    • Happy Heart, Liberated Lungs
  • Breathing for Flexibility, Strength and Stamina

Training includes:

  • 21 days of intensive learning, spread over one year in 5-6 day modules
  • One set of Franklin method balls – an advance set to be determined by Eric Franklin
  • Exclusive access to Interactive Training Facebook Group
  • Immediate access to the Training Membership Online Tools
    • This online membership tool site includes free access to:
      • Breathing for Life
      • Heart Revolution
      • Kidney Revolution
      • Educator only online course: Franklin Method Principles
    • Get access to the page and courses immediately after you pay your deposit/registration


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