This one-off event in New York City is open to anyone
with an interest in integrating the Franklin Method into Pilates.

Eric Franklin will be teaching live and in person
with Franklin Method Educator & Pilates Teacher Zeren Joy!


Franklin Method holds tremendous potential for helping you explore the deeper workings of the human body. This workshop will equip you with a toolbox of techniques to help you connect with your body’s design, applying evidence-based Franklin Method embodiment tools to enhance your Pilates practice.

This special one-off workshop will offer a more accessible approach to understanding your anatomy and how your body was designed to ideally move. The Franklin Method’s unique use of dynamic imagery is also the perfect way to add more flavor and variety to your repertoire of movement cues. We’ll also be looking into the “bone rhythms” and how we can leverage them to maximize efficiency in movement.

This workshop is a unique opportunity to learn in a small group environment with Franklin Method Founder Eric Franklin, supported by Franklin Method Educator and Pilates Instructor Zeren Joy. This class is ideal for all Pilates enthusiasts and teachers who are keen to integrate some Franklin Method magic into their practice.

And if you can’t make it live to New York, you can also join us online via live stream!
Enrollment includes 4 weeks of access to the class replay.


Friday, June 9, 2023
13:00 – 17:00
@Nice & Tall Pilates Studio
939 8th Ave #207,
New York, NY 10019
Tel: (212) 247-9603

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Goals and objectives of this live workshop:

✓ How to apply the Franklin Method to movement in Pilates

✓ How to embody movement for an enhanced mind-body connection

✓ Gain a better understanding of your anatomy and ideal function

✓ Understand and harness the body’s bone rhythms for more efficient movement

✓ How evidence-based imagery and metaphors can make Pilates cueing much more effective


IMPORTANT: This live workshop is purely intended for your own personal enrichment and leisure, and it does not qualify you to teach any of the content to others!

Please note that accommodation, travel, books, food and drink, internet costs, or any other additional expenses incurred are not included in the price of attending this workshop live. We recommend concluding an appropriate insurance policy to cover any possible cancellation in case of illness etc.


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