Perfect your posture in under 5 minutes!

Watch our newest free video lesson to find out how to perfect your posture in only 5 minutes! Stand up with new confidence at your upcoming holiday or new years posture. Never again will you sit at the holiday dinner table and have your mother tell you to sit up straight (no matter how old you are)!


We’ve had lots of requests for special Franklin Method presents over the holidays. So for the first year ever we have two gift suggestions for you:  

 Give the Gift of a YEAR of Transformation:


Give the Gift of Transformation with a discount: $25 off the price of a yearly membership during the 12 days of Christmas (expiring Dec 26th 2017)



You will receive a gift membership you can send to anyone on your list. Give them the gift that they will have access to all year and give them the gift of a mind/body transformation!





OR Give the gift of online courses or LIVE experiences with our exclusive Franklin Method Gift Certificates! 

Due to popular request, you can now give to anyone on your Christmas list the gift of Franklin Method. Let them choose the online course or live experience that interests them most! 

You can pick out gift certificates here. 






We are also having Franklin Method special sales for the 12 days of Christmas with these daily online course sales: 

 December 14th – 17th ONLY:

$200 off Pelvic Power Part 1 & 2 VIP Bundlehttps://franklinmethod.com/product/pelvic-power-part-1-2-deluxe-bundle/https://franklinmethod.com/product/pelvic-power-part-1-2-deluxe-bundle/




December 18th – 19th (1 day ONLY!)  

$100 off the price of Dynamic Abs: Whole Body Fitness: 




December  20th – 21st (1 DAY ONLY!) 

$100 OFF the price of Breathing for Lifehttps://franklinmethod.com/product/breathing-for-life/





December 22nd – 23rd (1 DAY ONLY!)

$100 OFF the price of HAPPY FEET FOR WALKING, RUNNING, EXERCISE & DANCEhttps://franklinmethod.com/product/happy-feet-dynamic-feet-for-walking-running-exercise/




December 23rd – 26th  

$100 OFF the price of the Heart Revolution: Franklin Method Approach to a Healthy Hearthttps://franklinmethod.com/product/heart-revolution-the-franklin-method-approach-to-a-happy-healthy-heart/



Thank you for taking the time to look over these sale items. On a special note, if you are a member of “Transformation” you will receive an even greater discount when you are logged in to your Transformation account. You can sign up for Transformation here, if you are not already a member.   

Happy Holiday Season! 

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