Thank you for being a part of our upcoming Pelvic Power Instructor training. We have a fun training in store for you! Below is the pre-test for the course. Please take this before the day the course starts. If you have signed up at the last minute, you may be able to have an extension. Please notify us if this is needed.

pre-test before the 1st module of the pelvic power training.

1. Full Name

2. When he wrapped the “square” around the pelvis he found it had a different shape, what was that shape?

3. The organs were supported by the abdominals as a quadruped. Now that we are upright what supports the organs?

4. What is the name of the joint (which has movement) that is located between the sacrum and the coccyx?

5. Concentric =

6. Eccentric =

7. The Sacrum _______ on flexion and ___________ on extension.

8. The femur also rotates; out on ______, in on _____.

9. The pelvic girdle consists of two pelvic halves and the sacrum.

There are ___ joints inside the pelvis and ____joints connecting the pelvis to the rest of the body.


10. What are the functions of the pelvis?

11. How many joints are in the pelvis? List them

12. Email Address



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