Become a Franklin Method
Pelvic Floor Fascia Trainer!

Understand. Embody. Teach.

Deep knowledge of the pelvic floor fascia for your teaching repertoire! 

3 days of pelvic floor embodiment live and in-person with Tom Waldron.
August 24 – 26, 2022 at the Movement Academy, Singapore!

Take your skills to the next level. 

Our Franklin-Method Pelvic Floor Fascia Trainer certification is packed with new knowledge and insights as well as a range of innovative techniques and approaches to add to your educational toolbox. This course will show you how to complement your teaching with the proven benefits of Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery (DNI™).

Improve your own well-being and that of your students and patients, tangibly enhance your fitness level and pass on your newly acquired knowledge to others with authority. Knowledge of this crucial area of fascia will add variety to your teaching – your students  will be amazed!

Pelvic Floor Fascia Trainer Course Live with Tom Waldron
Pelvic Floor Fascia Trainer Course Live with Tom Waldron

Boost your career prospects.

Whether you’re a physical therapist, doula, movement educator or yoga, Pilates, sports or dance teacher – this is the training for you. You will gain new knowledge and insights about the many layers within and connections between pelvic floor fascia – in a clear and practice-driven way. We will experience the surface fascia, the deep muscle fascia as well as the organ fascia.

Deeper insights.

You will also learn to activate and train the muscles, fascia and organs as one using innovative, evidence-based and game-changing exercises and techniques including the Franklin Method’s signature Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery (DNI™). This “Fascia of the Pelvis” training is an ideal entry point to the world of the Franklin Method and will improve your own well-being and those of your students and patients, all the while equipping you to deal with tension and pelvic problems.

Embodied knowledge of the pelvic floor fascia makes
every form of pelvic floor training more effective. 


Content & description

In this course, we will :

  • Understand the fascial structure of the pelvic floor and embody anatomy, connections and function
  • Train the fascia of the pelvic floor: original, function-driven and effective exercises
  • Experience the connection between the fascia of the back and the pelvic floor: addressing back pain through the pelvic floor
  • Abdominal muscle training and the pelvic floor: how these are connected, and how we can coordinate training the abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor effectively
  • Coordinate the fascia of the legs with the pelvic floor: What this means for effective leg training, walking and jogging
  • Develop a consciousness for the organs in pelvic floor training: understanding and training the fascia of the pelvic organs, recognizing their connections to (in)continence and fascia
  • Learn the best visualization practices for a healthy pelvic floor
  • Harness emotion and function: how mood positively or negatively influences training


The training at a glance

3-day LIVE training in Singapore with FM Faculty Teacher Tom Waldron
Where? The Movement Academy, 46 Kim Yam Road, #01-15 The Herencia, Singapore

Q&A and practice sessions with our Institute’s Master Teachers
Certification as a Franklin Method Fascia Trainer for the Pelvis
Access to a Student Resource Page, including preparatory video modules *required*:

  • Franklin Method Principles – Online Workshop
  • Introduction to Anatomy – Webinar Replay
  • Embodiment of the Fascia – Webinar Replay
  • Pelvic Power for a Toned & Balanced Pelvic Floor – Webinar Replay
  • Pelvic Floor Exercises=  10 hours of educational material to prepare for your training

Original Franklin Method fascia poster set to print for your courses
“Pelvic fascia” Training Manual in PDF format
100% live course in Singapore: Learn from Tom Waldron in a live setting with your peers

On graduation, you will receive a license which entitles you to use the knowledge acquired in your own teaching. In other words, this training enables you to add elements of the Franklin Method to your workshops and teaching, and offer your own workshops for “Franklin Method: Dynamic Pelvic Floor Fascia”.

The course fee includes a license up to the end of 2023, so your license would only have to be renewed from January 2024. You can view and sign the training and licensing agreement here.

Important: This is a live course in Singapore and will not be broadcast online!

This 3-day fascia course is a live, in-person class taking place in Singapore. Online attendance is not possible!

The dates and schedules of the course are as follows:

24 Aug (Wed) 12:30pm – 7pm
(Break: 3:30pm – 4pm)
25 Aug (Thu) 12:30pm – 7pm
(Break: 3:30pm – 4pm)
26 Aug (Fri) 12:30pm – 7pm
(Break: 3:30pm – 4pm)

All times are local!

This course is geared towards both beginners and advanced learners, and is intended for anyone that wants to cement and expand their knowledge of the fascia and muscles of the pelvis.

After receipt of the complete tuition fee and reaching the minimum number of participants, you will receive access to the online workshops & webinar replays intended to prepare you for the 3-day online training course.

Important prerequisites for participation:

  • 1 Franklin Ball Set (any) and 1 Franklin Band (not included in the price) are essential. See where you can purchase your equipment here.
  • Possibility to attend every day of the course live in Singapore.
  • Comfortable clothing, pen and paper.

You can sign up for this 3-day live course immediately – and we would recommend securing your spot quickly as places on this popular course are unfortunately limited.

The training price includes:

  • Certificate as a Franklin-Method® Pelvic Floor Fascia Trainer
  • Training manual and exercise list in PDF – ready to print!
  • 3 days of live classes plus bonus online educational material for your training:

    • Franklin Method® Principles – Online Workshop
    • Introduction to Anatomy – Webinar Replay
    • Embodiment of the Fascia – Webinar Replay
    • Pelvic Power for a Toned & Balanced Pelvic Floor – Webinar Replay
    • Pelvic Floor Exercises=  10 hours of educational material to prepare for your training!
  • Daily Q&A with your teacher
  • License valid until December 2023, which includes access to the online Educator Area, Marketing tools, Educator only store,  Educator online course discounts, Continuing Education classes
  • Facebook Group with training participants & teachers

IMPORTANT: Registration does NOT include accommodation or travel. Participants should organize these independently in a way that makes attending each of the days easy and stress-free.

Prices shown in Singapore Dollars.

Live & in person

Thanks to the live, in-person format of this course, you can learn and interact with Tom Waldron directly. This classical learning scenario is a great opportunity to learn and experience the pelvic floor alongside your peers.

Tools of the trade

On top of the anatomical content, there’s a strong focus on making you a better teacher. You’ll gain practical techniques to make classes more effective and fun, and even explanations on how to successfully teach online.

Peer learning & mentors

The course includes regular group work within the class. This provides an opportunity to get practical teaching advice and participate in Q&As. We also harness the power of peer learning in teach-back sessions.

Bonus content and courses

As soon as you are enrolled, you’ll get instant access to hours of preparatory video content*:

  • Franklin Method Principles
  • Introduction to Anatomy
  • Embodiment of the Fascia
  • Pelvic Power for a Toned & Balanced Pelvic Floor
  • Pelvic Floor Exercises

Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery (DNI)™ forms the backbone of the Franklin Method – this is the use of metaphorical mental imagery to support the development of healthy physical function, strength, mobility and coordination.


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