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A Coaching Webinar for Franklin Method® Educators & Trainers

The Pedagogy of Embodiment 

The art and science of teaching in an embodied way


With the Franklin Method®, you become a movement teacher. Not any specific style of movement but in how the body itself was designed to move. After all, we were not created functionally to do ballet, yoga or Pilates. We are functionally designed for the specific movement dynamics that our body developed over time in order to navigate the environment. Starting from this point can help us identify how to make all systems of movement more efficient, healthier and more fun!

When the way we move corresponds more closely with our actual design, we function better. This doesn’t just go for your movement, but also your breathing, posture, physiological function, and even your mental and emotional state will be impacted. That’s why one of our fundamental tenets is that “embodiment of function improves function”.

As a Franklin Method® Educator, you help people experience their own body working as it was designed to function – and this is the Pedagogy of Embodiment.

A 60-minute webinar to help you hone your craft

As you well know, there’s more to teaching than just knowing the material. You need to know how to hold the space for others, when to intervene and when not to, how to embody what you are teaching, and how to avoid things that could derail your class. Drawing on decades of experience teaching this work, Eric Franklin will be sharing his personal approach to teaching movement and giving you an array of tips and tricks you can integrate directly into your classes.

We’ll be covering:

✔️ What exactly is Franklin Method® pedagogy
✔️ What it means to be a student-centered teacher
✔️ How to improve movement instead of just teaching exercises
✔️ When anatomy teaching makes sense, and when it doesn’t
✔️ How to motivate students
✔️ Common teaching “errors” to avoid
✔️ How to improve your online teaching


IMPORTANT: Live attendance is not mandatory, and the replay will be provided to you indefinitely (for as long as you remain a licensed Franklin Method® Educator or Trainer) within 48 hours of the live event.


Free Webinar – The Pedagogy of Embodiment


December 19th @6pm Zurich time
60-min Live Webinar with Eric Franklin

For licensed Franklin Method® Educators & Trainers only!
After registering, we will check your license status and approve your Zoom registration, you will then receive the Zoom link to access the class.

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